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How to Zap Fatigue Within Minutes

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author of "Combat Conditioning"

It's amazing but true. Most people get up tired and go to bed tired. Going to bed tired is somewhat understandable - but waking up tired is inexcusable.

How can you be tired when you wake up? You haven't even done anything yet, right?

Okay, perhaps you didn't get enough hours of rest. Or perhaps you got the hours of sleep, but there wasn't enough rest in the sleep. Or maybe you're under immense stress and this is affecting your energy level.

All of the above is understandable - yet, it can still be overcome, and with ease.

Let me tell you how you can take 5 simple steps to greater health and energy ... NOW! Here they are:

1. Before lopping off to bed at night, mentally program yourself for energy. How do you do this? Simply say "I'm going to wake up totally energized tomorrow." Why is this important? It's important because most people say "I'm tired" when they go to bed and this leads to them waking up in the same mental state they went to bed with.

2. When you wake up in the morning, immediately focus on a big image of something you want to do, be or accomplish.

3. As you focus on this mental picture, tell yourself, "I am going to do everything I set out to do today." When you say this to yourself, say it with ENTHUSIASM.

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4. After doing this, sit up in bed, pull your feet close to your buttocks and begin to massage the kidney point at the bottom of each foot. Start with your left foot. Massage deeply at least 50 times, then massage the right foot the same number of times. Doing this will amaze you. It will cause your energy level to rise ... and fast. Not only that, it is one of the cornerstones to raising your sexual energy to a peak. This is covered in detail in my new course on Chuang Shang de Gong Fu. Check it out at Chinese Culture Secrets

5. When you're finished massaging the kidney points of each foot, raise your energy further still by taking a cool to cold shower. The hot shower is fine to finish up with .. but start with the coldest water you can take. It will increase the vital energy in your body in an instant.

Last of all, remember to consult your physician before engaging in any health regimen. The above will work for most people - but it is not for everyone.

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Editor's Note:

Truth be told, Matt could have simply told you to do Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and so on to raise your energy level. They will - and they do it immediately. But... here's the deal: He believes in strengthening everything on the inside as well as the outside - and what he's taught you today goes to the heart, soul and kidneys of the matter in a way that you've probably never experienced before. These five steps will blow you away - and ... when you add Combat Conditioning into the mix - LOOK OUT! You'll become the stud or studette of the entire Universe. To find out more ... go to Matt Furey

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