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A Long History of Weight Loss

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author of "Combat Conditioning"

Today I'm going to do something different. I'm going to give you a portion of my long history of weight loss. This is taken from the transcripts of my Furey Fat Loss Program teleseminar - available at Matt Furey.


"Starting in the ninth grade of high school, the first time I had to drop weight, my freshman year, I weighed 158 pounds. I had to drop down to 138 pounds to wrestle.

During the season, it was not uncommon for me to drop 8 to 10 pounds within 48 hours of competition. I did this year-round, or during that entire season of 4 months.

This was very common. All the wrestlers, back in that day and age, thatís what they did.

We did everything. We took saunas, we wore rubber suits under heavy cotton sweats, winter hats, gloves. We dressed up as warm as we could, to sweat off every last ounce of weight that was necessary.

In addition to that, I would go a few days without eating. On occasion, I would go a day or longer without any food or any water, while simultaneously working out 2 or 3 times Ė all to drop weight.

My sophomore year in high school, I dropped down to 155 pounds from 175. My junior year, I dropped from 185 down to 155 again. And at one time, even did the craziest thing ever and dropped down to 145 pounds.

That was a very short-lived experience.

To give you an example of how hard it was for me to cut that weight. Some of what Iím telling you will sound like just incredible exaggeration.

It may even sound to you, based on your understanding of science, a biological impossibility.

But Iím telling you that I did this and many other people I know did similar.

And it is possible, but youíve got to quit thinking in terms of calories and all of that kind of thing. Because when youíre cutting weight as severely as we were for the sport of wrestling, calories didnít mean anything. It was how much did everything weigh that you were eating.

If you were a half-pound overweight and you needed to drop a half a pound to make weight, you did not drink 16 ounces of water and say, ďOh, this will be no problem because there are no calories in this water.Ē Now, when youíre already dehydrated, you understood that if you were a half-pound overweight and you drank 16 ounces of weight, youíre now 1 pound overweight.

So itís crazy, and I donít recommend this in the least. Iím just giving you the scope of what I personally have been through.

After cutting down to 145 pounds from 185, my normal wrestling weight was 155 Ė which was still a 30-pound drop Ė but normally I would drop 8 to 10 pounds within 48 hours of the match to make 155.

When I decided to wrestle 145, I literally had to starve and dehydrate myself to do that. And I lost the match because I was so weak and so tired from all the weight-cutting.

The next day, we had practice. And this is 23 hours later. I weighed in at 166 pounds.

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Now you may say, thatís a biological impossibility, but itís not when youíre dehydrated. Itís not when youíre starving. I did not eat 30,000 calories of food inside of 23 hours. I simply made sure that I had a few gallons of fluid and a lot of food. And bam, my weight was back up.

During my senior year in high school, I decided to not go out for football.

Football was a sport that you got as big as you could get to play it. I knew I wanted to wrestle 167 pounds during the wrestling season. So if I went out of for football, I knew Iíd probably be between 185 and 195 pounds.

I didnít really care for football, because my team during my junior year of high school was 0 and 9. So being a member of this squad was not really appealing to me when my biggest love was wrestling.

I really wanted to excel in wrestling and go to college and become a champion. So I decided to not go out for football and I spent the entire fall getting my weight down.

My mother told me something that fall. Two things. She said, ďIf you just eliminate all the bread and all the ...."

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Editor's Note:

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