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Viagra...Caught With Its Pants Down



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The FDA flexed its muscles today by ordering Viagra to remove TV ads that lie about the Drugs indications and abilities.

Unfortunately the FDA is desperately in need of some serious training to get those muscles up to snuff.

I think all FDA regulatory officers should immediately be required to take Dr Dave's' Best fish Oil, Regenerizer and Instant Endurance.

In addition each and every employee from the top down should be given a copy of Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning.


Because they are spineless wimps who are in need of some serious whipping into shape!

Here's why:

Pfizer's Viagra ad was an out and out lie.

It claimed that men using the drug will, "provide a return to previous levels of sexual activity and desire" according to Christine Smith, a FDA regulatory officer.

There is no research what so ever to back up this claim.

In addition, the tasteless ad also completely omitted the actual indication for Viagra which is Erectile Dysfunction.

It also failed to warn about the heart attack and other side effects and drug interactions.

So the FDA said they have to pull this ad.

Big Deal.

As usual, the FDA plays right into big pharmacy's hands.

Here's why.

They are letting Pfizer have until the 24th of the month to comply.

That means legally the ad can run for a full 10 days before any real action against Pfizer can be taken.

How much do you think the ad cost to make? Let's say 50 Grand, and another million to air.

Throw in a mill for the ad department or agency if it's not an internal division of Pfizer and you wind up with just over 2 mill.

Chump Change for Pfizer!

How much has Pfizer made from Viagra?

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No one really knows, but with 1,900,000 Viagra related web listings and each pill selling for as high as $10, it has to be billions!

Now how many millions of people will see the so called banned ad in the next few days that it will continue to run? Pfizer has not given an exact date of when the ad will stop running, they simply said, "A couple of days!'

That is certainly not the response of a company that is quaking in their boots at the awesome regulatory power of the FDA.

They will most certainly make their 2 million back and much more from the ad before it is pulled.

And, all of this fuss which as you can see is rather limp at best (I think the FDA needs Viagra!) just gets Viagra/Pfizer more free publicity.

The FDA could not have played more deeply into Pfizer's hands if they wanted to!


Now if this were a lowly and defenseless supplement company with a limited amount of revenue to fight back you can bet the FDA would be all over them like flies on excrement and slam the prison cell door shut and throw away the key!

And if they ever get control over the supplement industry, that is just what they will do.

For more on this see my article entitled "Chicken Droppings and Politicians".

Here is a direct quote from consumer advocate Sidney Wolfe as it appeared in USA Today:

The FDA said Pfizer's television ads "misbrand" Viagra, and demanded the company immediately pull them. The agency is requiring a response to its letter by Nov. 24. Consumer advocate Sidney Wolfe said FDA enforcement against misleading advertising dropped from 157 actions in 1998 to just 23 last year. "If you are the industry, you cannot help but notice the FDA has largely stopped enforcing the laws and regulations on drug advertising," Wolfe said. "Therefore, you're almost encouraged to run misleading ads like this. By the time the FDA catches up with this kind of ad, it's likely millions of people, or more, have seen the ad."

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