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The Venus Factor Review

 There is yet another weight loss program on the market called The Venus Factor. Since it is fast becoming one of the best selling programs on the market geared at females we decided to take a look at it. The program is brought to us by the same folks the brought The Adonis Golden Ratio Program to the market. That was our first clue that this might be not just "another weight loss program". These folks have a great reputation and are seriously committed to the health arena. So, with the help of my Wife and three daughters, we dove in!

To start with, if you don't want to read the full review they have a great intro video that explains the system pretty well. If not - keep reading.

Click Here To Watch The Quick Overview Video.

The first thing to keep in mind when checking out this or any other workout or weight loss program is that the real factor for success lies within ourselves. You can buy every system on the planet - join every gym in town and spend a fortune on the coolest workout gear. If you never leave the house it will all be for naught! You know the old saying by Nike - "Just Do It"? Well - that rings true here as well. I don't care if you are purchasing this product or you just want to start walking around the block - "Just Do It"! One of my favorite quotes although a pretty simple one is "Decide". You need to decide that you want to get in shape and you will. That is the first step and the most important one. Once you decide then the workout will follow and be successful. Okay, enough of the lecture - on to the review!

The Venus Factor

Spawned from the highly successful Adonis program mentioned above, The Venus Factor was designed specifically for women. The Adonis people realized that workouts for females needed to differ for those geared towards men. Most, but not all, women do not want to bulk up like men. Yes, there are exceptions to this I know. We are speaking in general terms here.

The goal of The Venus Factor is to end up with an hour glass figure that is tight and toned. It is also designed to burn fat while building muscle - a key factor. The program is designed around building YOUR perfect body - not the ideal body of a super model, fitness guru or what the magazines tell you that you should look like. Everyone is different and has a different body type and style and we should all strive to get the most from our own body type no matter what our sex may be! It is about time a program took this into account. They actually came up with a "Venus Ratio" to determine your best target body. It is based on several factors including your height and weight as well as your waist-to-hip and waist-to-shoulder ratios. This gives a good measure of where you are and where your goals should be.

You will need only a few items to get into the program. Barbells, a bench, workout mat and dumbbells. All inexpensive and can easily be found cheaply on a site like ebay or craigslist. I can't even tell you how many workout benches I have seen outside of houses with  a "free" sign on them! So lack of space and budget is now out the window!

The Venus Factor program also delves into Leptin and its' affect on weight loss. Basically Leptin has been called "obesity hormone" or "fat hormone" -- as well as the "starvation hormone." When Leptin levels bounce up and down it makes it difficult to lose weight. Women experience much larger swings in Letin levels than men - that is why it is so important to factor these hormones into the diet and exercise program. It is dealt with in depth in the Venus factor.

What Comes With The Venus Factor Program

It is a complete program and includes the following.

Venus Factor Manual. Explains the 12 week program in depth.

Workout Schedule. The schedule lays out the entire program in an easy to follow format. Here is a sample of the first week:


Pretty easy and straightforward!

Videos. The members area has videos to walk you through each and every exercise and keep you on track the entire time.

Membership. You also get access to a membership forum so you can ask questions and get help with motivation. My girls really liked that part!

Here are some comments from my girls on the program:

My 19 Year old (played lots of basketball in High School) ; "The thing I like about the Venus Factor is that it is not a one size fits all solution - it takes into account your goals individually."

My 16 year old: "Really easy to follow and easy to start off with".

My 14 year old:  "I don't care - where is my Ipad I want to plat Candi Crush" (That's what I get for asking a 14 year old!)

My Wife: "I like the fact that even someone my age (age withheld to protect myself!) can easily start this and follow the program".

Some pretty good insights from the girls in my family. They were not intimidated at all by the program as is the case with some of the other programs that we have looked at. Once again the key factor in getting the most out of the Venus Factor is YOU! If you put in the work you will get the results - doesn't matter what program you use. We love this one because it is reasonably priced - has a great money back guarantee and a great community also. We also love the authors of the program form their previous works.

  Click Here To Get More Info Or To Purchase The Venus Factor!

Here is great video I found that gets into the program in great detail - enjoy.



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