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How One Girl Used Her Imagination to Score Big Points

By: Sean Furey, Brother of Matt Furey
Best Selling Author and Self-Made Millionaire

Last month a young female basketball player asked me if I could help her improve her shooting. We went to the gym and I watched her shoot for about twenty minutes. She did pretty well in the first few minutes and then her shooting deteriorated. At the twenty minute mark she was hitting about 2 out of ten.

She stopped, walked over and said, "I really stink, don't I ?"

I said, "No, you don't stink! You have no imagination."

"What do you mean?" she said.

"You don't believe you are going to make the shot, so you don't. You have to believe you are going to make the shot. You have to believe that your teammates want you to shoot. You have to believe you are the best shooter on the court."

"I'll double my practice time," she said.

"No", I said. "I want you to stay out of the gym for a week. In fact, I want you to play "imaginary basketball" for 7 days. Whenever you can, I want you to play basketball in your mind. I want you to imagine that you are the best shooter that ever played the game. I want you to take every possible shot in the game and make it. On the last day, I want you to play a championship game, and make the game winning shot. Then call me."

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A week went by and I got a call. We met at the gym. "What's your favorite team ?" I asked. "Tennessee," she said.

"Okay", I said. "Lay down on the floor, hold on to your ball, and imagine that Pat Summitt is in the stands. She's here to watch you play, because she needs a shooter for her team. You are going to score 26 points. She is going to walk down out of the stands and offer you a scholarship. When the game is over you can start shooting."

After putting her through this powerful exercise, guess what happened? She started shooting and she banked her first 24 shots. And on average, she hit about 8 out of every ten shots during the entire practice. Now that's a major improvement.

As we walked off the court she said, "Tennessee, get ready, here I come!"

Last night I watched her play again. She shot 9 of 11 from the floor and 4 of 4 from the line. After the game she said, "I beat them before the game started. I beat them Monday, Tuesday, and today at lunch. They didn't have a chance."

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Editor's Note:

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