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7 Healthy Ways to Unwind on Weekends

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author and Self-Made Millionaire

When the weekend arrives, many people don't know how to "unwind" in a healthy way. Today I submit to you ...

7 Healthy Ways to Unwind on Weekends

1. Take a sauna - Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, before and after. At the end of a long day, even during the week, I like to to sauna.

2. Hot tub - Get in some warm water and let the "jets" do their magic on your muscles.

3. Get a massage - I recommend a massage at least once a month. When I'm in China, I get one everyday.

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4. Go for a long walk with "nature" - Find a special trail, go to the beach or hike a mountain path - just get out there and stroll while inhaling and exhaling and feeling how good it is to be outside, breathing fresh air.

5. Read something - Notice I didn't say watch tee-vee. You'll draw more inspiration and appreciation for life from a good book than you ever will from passively watching tee-vee - esp. the so-called "news." Who needs anymore of that? Not me.

6. Spend time with those you love. Need I say more?

7. Do some stretching exercises. Believe it or don't - but stretching isn't just good for your muscles. It's also good for your mind. Bridging, for example, is fantastic for ridding yourself of depression. If you're ever feeling stressed, down or depressed, practice the bridge as well as the other stretching exercises as seen in Combat Stretching - Matt Furey - And, If you're not able to do the bridge just yet - then lie across a gymnastics ball and feel all the tension melt out of your back.

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Editor's Note:

The Combat Stretching series really does help you double your flexibility - and fast, too. And yes, it is a very quick mood altering exercise. Find out more at Matt Furey and get started today.

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