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FDA and Merck Implicated in 139,000 Deaths

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Please understand that I do not have the money required to make accusations about major governmental and Drug institutions.

I am simply reporting on the results of testimony given to the U.S. Senate concerning the drug Vioxx and the state of the FDA. David Graham, an FDA employee stated he estimated that Vioxx the darling of Merck pharmaceuticals ( next to Zocor!) may have caused almost 140,000 heart attacks or sudden deaths, and that both he FDA and Merck knew about it before the drug was even released,

This was not a case of “post marketing discovery” where the side effects of a drug only become apparent after it is used by hundreds of thousands of people.

In this article I get to play my favorite role, psychic and attempt to predict the future.

So what next?

Of course there will be the obligatory finger pointing and hundred million (billion?) dollar lawsuits.

Then there will have to be sweeping changes in the FDA.

Heads will role, but out of it all 2 things will come from the mouths of the FDA heads.

1) We need more money!

2) We need more legal power.

I hope you can see where this will wind up.

Ultimately this will play right into the FDA’s hands.

How so you might ask.

Well about 2 weeks ago I wrote an article discussing the influence of the World Trade Organization on the supplement industry.

Simply put the WTO wants one of its member (The U.S. of A.) to come into line with the same supplement and vitamin policies that other member states like France and Germany (you know, our allies) have.

That means anything over 100mg of vitamin C would require a prescription.

And guess who would lord over this new tight control over supplements!

You guessed it, the FDA.

The same agency that brought you 139,000 possible deaths from Vioxx, teen suicides on Prozac, Dead livers from Baycol a statin drug, and lightly slapped the wrist of Drug Giant Pfizer for phony advertising about Viagra and not disclosing its deadly side effects!

Well, my confidence is certainly soaring!

Let me tell you something.

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I think that democracy and consumerism go hand in hand.

This means people have the right to education about what they are buying and should be treated as intelligent consumers. This does not mean they need an at best inept and at worst deadly Governmental agency to protect them from their own informed choices.

Make no mistake, Big Pharmacy is running scared.

They are aware of the predictions that their precious industry is headed for the trash heap!

They keep massive amounts of money aside and huge numbers of well funded and very effective lobbyists active in Washington D.C. spreading money wherever it will do them the most political good.

Together with the Insurance lobbies I predict they will hasten the fall of an already broken Medical System.

But billions of dollars will not go down without a fight!

AS witnessed by Mr. Graham’s experiences (previous article) lying cheating and obstruction might just be the norm.

In the meantime you can benefit immensely from Mother Nature’s best anti-aging pill. The one that 90% of surveyed doctors take on a daily basis, but do not yet recommend for their patients.


Maybe they work for the FDA! Or maybe they simply have misplaced their trust as I did when I was practicing only Traditional Medicine. It also appears that when the FDA was busted by one of their own, they tried to cover it up!!!

And this is the agency we trust to protect us and guarantee drug safety.

If you are like me and a bit skeptical about all this you will not wait for the FDA or the Government to determine your future.

You will exercise your constitutional right of freedom.

Freedom of choice! I chose Mother Nature’s most important anti-inflammatory: Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. Get rid of arthritic aches and pains, reduce post workout soreness and injury pains and help your joints, heart, brain, and body while you are doing it.


= = =

Surprise!!! The FDA has not evaluated these statements and would have a heart attack (maybe we should make them all take Vioxx!) if they did!!!!

So do what they tell you to ignore everything I say and keep on paying big pharmacy through the nose for deadly drugs that the FDA considers its “Children”.

Do not stop or change any medication without expressed permission from your personal physician.

If his or her advice contradicts anything said in this article do what they tell you to do and while you’re at it call the FDA and ask them too!

And what ever you do make sure you give up your constitutional rights to be free thinking Americans and listen to all of these wonderful industry driven agencies that have your best interests at heart!

Copyright 2004


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