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How To Supercharge A Woman's Sex Drive

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

There is no way any single article can cover what has taken entire volumes to explain and still hasn't solved the mystery.

None the less there are some fascinating developments in the world of scientific research that have borne out many of the things that I have told you so far in prior newsletters and emails.

In prior emails I mentioned that Regenerizer has gained tremendous popularity among some very different groups of people,

Group #1 is the athletes. They enjoy the extra burst of energy and stamina they get from Regenerizer.

Group #2 is the folks suffering from fatigue, whether it be the mild everyday annoying fatigue that seems to plague us all from time to time and keep us from reaching our potential, or the much more serious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients.

As a quick aside if you are suffering from CFIDS you should have your doctor check your IGF-1 level. It turns out that some doctors have estimated that over 50% of CFIDS (chronic fatigue) patients suffer from adult growth hormone deficiency.

For more on this topic visit the site and check out 'The Absolute Unadulterated Secrets of Growth Hormone Revealed". This is the only info CD of its kind on the market anywhere.

In this case HGH really is a secret, and the few doctors with my level of experience are furious with me for letting this knowledge go to the general public without charging an arm and a leg for it.

As a matter of fact some of them are using it to educate their own patients about HGH and save themselves the time.

It's that good!

Back to Regenerizer: Of course another group (#3) of individuals who've found this incredibly helpful are the people on statin drugs for lowering their cholesterol. It combats the muscle poisoning that goes on with these drugs, as well as the fatigue and mental sluggishness that many report.

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Finally it's been helpful in lowering Blood Pressure and blood sugar! (#'s 4 and 5)

But the big news for me is women's sex drive and the great help it's been there.

Part of the reason has been explained this week.

It turns out that DHEA may be the MOST IMPORTANT factor in a woman's sex drive, especially after menopause.

Of course anti-aging research has suggested this for several years and this is one of the main reasons I included DHEA into the Regenerizer formulation.

The ideal dose in women seems to be about 10mg. for any single serving. Though some women can tolerate more, many will develop annoying side effects if they take too much.

The addition of other natural energizers like Co Q 10 and L Carnitene reduces the need for higher doses and thus the likelihood of side effects.

Also unless you are totally passive, sex require energy and Regenerizer certainly provides that!

I have personally used 6 packs of Regenerizer a day for 6 weeks with no side effects except a ton of energy!

In women I recommend that you limit it to 3 packs per day maximum to avoid side effects.

This will super charge your sex drive as well as crank your energy level.

Several patients who were unable to have orgasms for several years have reported their happy return!

Gentlemen here is your chance to help your wives solve a difficult problem. How much would stronger and more frequent orgasms improve BOTH of your sex drives and sex lives?!

Interestingly enough low testosterone has taken a back seat in women as the primary source of female sex drive. While it is still king in men, Regenerizer is a nice alternative without the hassles and side effects, or the doctor visits.

The study was done by Dr. Susan Davis and here is the link:,4057,9949994%255E1702,00.html

This is one reason a lot of ladies have been ordering bottle after bottle of Regenerizer month after month!

One other tip from your friendly neighborhood anti-aging doc: You should always consider getting your total hormones balanced for optimum performance in bed or anywhere else for that matter.

In women this includes estrogen, progesterone, DHEA of course and HGH as well as thyroid hormone.

If there is enough interest from the ladies out there, I will do a CD on bioidentical hormone replacement along the lines of my Growth hormone CD.

One other point. The FDA and congress have been on a witch hunt lately to ban all steroidal hormones from public access including DHEA. If they succeed I will not be able to include it in the product anymore so personally I am stocking up. I suggest you do the same!

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