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8 Success Lessons I Didn't Learn in School

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author and Self-Made Millionaire

Some months ago, a group of men and women came to town to meet with me for some private coaching. On the first evening of their visit, though, instead of talking "biz" - I handed them a sheet of paper with 8 Success Lessons written on it.

I'm not going to go into all the details I gave this group, as that is confidential - but today I am going to give you the structure of what I told them because I believe you will find it immensely valuable.

These lessons are things that can and will carry you to heights of achievement way beyond what you can presently imagine.

Here goes:

1. Rid yourself of all guilt about being successful, about winning, about outshining others. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have success, health and wealth in abundance. It is unnatural to reject the good things in life - and as far as I'm concerned, a crime to not go for it all. It is far easier to achieve success by dumping negative go-nowhere beliefs – not to mention people of all shapes and sizes who will try to make you feel bad for being “better off” than they are.

2. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, for not doing things correctly, for just plain doing dumb things. Start each day with a clean slate.

3. Forgive others. At the same time, don’t lay down the red carpet for those who have wronged you. Yes, they will stomp on you again. Let the past go and get on with your life but be wise enough to not invite trouble.

4. Express gratitude for wherever you are in life and for whatever you have. No matter where you are – things will get worse when gratitude is lacking. No matter where you are – things will improve if you show gratitude. Gratitude is the key that keeps you connected to all things good.

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5. Go into the theatre of your mind and replay the best moments of your life. Bring them back and relive them. Why relive the bad things? That will do you no good at all. Reliving the best brings out more of the best.

6. Put up charts and graphs to help you focus on your goals and to help you stay on track in relation to them.

7. Obliterate fear from your life by doing that which you are afraid to do.

8. Don't Piss and Moan. 80% of the people don't care about your troubles and the other 20% are glad. Asking for help, however, is not P&M'ing. There is a big difference in complaining about something and looking for ways to overcome it.

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