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 Sexual Health Articles & News

How To Really Raise Your Sex Hormone Levels Without Shots!

In defense of my fellow docs I will say that the current Malpractice and Insurance Company debacle has accelerated the absolute anger and displeasure most doctors feel at what has become... Read Entire Article

Viagra...Caught With Its Pants Down

The FDA flexed its muscles today by ordering Viagra to remove TV ads that lie about the Drugs indications and abilities. Unfortunately the FDA is desperately in need of some serious... Read Entire Article

Safe Erections

The drug Viagra was originally designed as an anti-aging drug! That is to say it was meant to combat chest pain in people with heart disease. Pfizer wisely looked at the market and decided... Read Entire Article

Sex Tips Revealed

One of my female anti-aging patients brought in a newsletter that her husband had actually PAID for by a so-called menís health expert. This ladyís husband was afflicted with ED (erectile dysfunction), and was... Read Entire Article

An Erectile Dysfunction Expert Speaks Up

Approximately 30 million men in the United States have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, and though there are effective treatments for erectile dysfunction, most of these men... Read Entire Article

What You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

While its incidence is highest among older men, difficulty maintaining an erection is not a normal part of aging. A healthy male with a willing partner can expect to have... Read Entire Article

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Millions of American men suffer with sexual performance anxiety. Now you can get the low down on how to keep it up. Read Entire Article

Opening the Channels for 'The Sex Talk' With Your Teenager

Most parents are just not comfortable with it, even now. The parents are made aware that there's going to be a sex education class in their kid's school, and some schools require the parents to... Read Entire Article

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