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Sex Tips Revealed

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

Every now and then something comes across my desk that really cracks me up. The curse of having an analytical mind usually jolts me out of my reverie, however.

It is like having a good angel on one shoulder and a bad devil on the other shoulder. The devil says, “Hey doc, this is funny as hell!” The good angel says, “Now David, think of all the people out there who are actually suffering because of something like this.”

Still, I had to laugh. One of my female anti-aging patients brought in a newsletter that her husband had actually PAID for by a so-called men’s health expert.

This lady’s husband was afflicted with ED (erectile dysfunction), and was feeling pretty inadequate.

He did not want to try prescription remedies that are out there and was trying to use natural remedies to solve his problem.

Even though he was not my patient, she asked if I would look at the newsletter because her husband had been trying to do all the things that the doctor in the newsletter had recommended and it was driving her CRAZY!

When I opened the newsletter and read the advice that was being given, I soon learned why.

First, the title was something like, and I paraphrase, “Reclaim Your Manliness – Hypermagic Sex Tricks To Make You A Lion in Bed Even If You Are Over 100 Years Old!” Her husband had taken the time to highlight the words, sometimes with two different colors, and then underlined them also.

This wasn’t the funny part though. What was funny was the “expert advice” that was being given out.

There was the usual Testosterone is King info running through the paragraphs. I certainly cannot fault this since I use plenty of testosterone in my anti-aging clinic.

But then came the herbal advice, and finally, the natural food advice.

Chocolate, oysters, and strawberries.

It seems like this guy was living on a diet that consisted mainly of these three things. Worse, he was trying to get his wife to eat all this too.

Now she was fine with the chocolate except for the fat and the calories, she was okay with the strawberries too except he was eating quarts of them. In this part of the country that many strawberries costs big bucks.

But the oysters! Raw, canned, smoked. Their whole house and his breath were beginning to smell like oysters, which she absolutely hated.

She started calling him “oyster breath,” which really helped his erectile dysfunction!

I told her be glad the doctor in the newsletter was not recommending “rocky mountain oysters” (Bull testicles)!

See, this poor guy had read in the newsletter that zinc was the key to studliness, and you should eat lots of food with zinc in them. The doctor recommended oysters saying that six oysters had as much zinc as three ounces of steak.

Now our patient was a porterhouse fan and he usually ate the 16-ounce variety at his local steakhouse. He thought that three 16-ounce porterhouses might contain too much fat so he did the less, and starting eating about 100 oysters a day! He chased the oysters with six pieces of chocolate, usually Godiva™ and a quart of strawberries.

The devil popped up on my shoulder again and said, “Hey, doc, this could be the next big diet craze. Ask if he is losing weight.”

The answer was no.

Oh, well! So what about zinc?

If you read the popular Sexual Enhancement literature, you see that zinc is mentioned over and over again as a fertility enhancer. It is clear that zinc is needed for the generation of sperm (spermatogenesis).

Zinc is actually needed for at least 50 different processes in the body, but there is only one study where it showed that zinc increases testosterone.

Here is a mini lesson in critical thinking. The study was done almost 25 years ago in about a dozen people. It did show marked increases in fertility and testosterone.

The key is that this study was done in India. But not just India; a land locked part of India. Now zinc deficiency is most common in grain-eating populations.

That is populations that do not eat anything but grain as a major source of their calories. Guess what they eat in this part of India? (Remember, cows are sacred to a large number of people in India.) Well, not meat and certainly not strawberries and oysters either!

Please understand I am in no way putting down India and I am not trying to be funny here, but what do you think the chances are that these infertile Indians were eating mostly grain and were probably malnourished?

How about 100 percent?

So, yes, feed them well and give them zinc and, yes, their sex drive and fertility may improve. By the way, this study was never again repeated and zinc was never again proven to cause a rise in testosterone in any type of non-malnourished people on what we would consider a Western diet.

Sorry zinc fans. This is one place where zinc does not solve the problem, at least not for most Americans.

Okay, now for the part that is relevant to us in Western countries. Full blown zinc deficiency is extremely rare. I have only seen it in burn patients who were taking intravenous fluid feedings or tube feedings for an extended period of time. (Somehow, I doubt the guy who wrote the newsletter that this gentleman was following has ever seen zinc deficiency.)

I remember one poor fellow who was given tube feedings for four months while he recuperated from terrible burns. When he did recover, he started to lose his hair at about three months and get acne. His skin became very fragile, and even in the unburned areas, it seemed to stop healing.

We diagnosed his insufficiency after a series of blood tests and when he got zinc back in his diet, his skin and hair problems stopped.

While relative zinc deficiency may be more common than that, most skin and hair loss problems are not caused by zinc deficiency.

Again, zinc does play a key role in spermatogenesis, or the development of sperm.

Our friend’s newsletter also cited an article where elderly men were given zinc and their sperm count went up.

True, but so what. This is an example of what I call pseudoscience and it is often seen in the advertisement for supplements that supposedly raise human growth hormone. These ads usually start out by telling you about the wonders of Human Growth Hormone. They go on and on about what are actually true benefits of HGH. Then they casually weave in their compound which usually consists of the same tired recycled amino acids combinations that have been selling for years.

Most never dare to actually come out and say their stuff does anything to YOUR growth hormone however, because that would be a lie.

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It is basically a case of true, true, but unrelated. True HGH has amazing powers to turn back the clock. True it would be great if a pill that did the same thing existed but their compound doesn’t so it's unrelated. True, zinc is a viable mineral. True, zinc is required for the generation of sperm. But it is not really clear that it does anything to raise testosterone levels or sex drive, as I pointed out above.

So to push zinc as a stay harder have better sex for men and women over 40 supplement is, in my opinion, misleading. It is basically a therapy for infertility, which is a very different problem; in other words, unrelated.

Now, I have male patients who make zero sperm and still have great sex and great sex drive.

So, in summary, zinc is needed for good sperm production, but not really necessary for good actions or good sexual stamina. In other words, true, true and unrelated.

Now on to the supplements. It turned out that this man was taking three times the amount of supplements that he should have. He was taking Androstenedione several hundred milligrams a day and four capsules of something called Tribulus Terristris. Andrew worked for a short period of time to push up his testosterone levels, but after a few weeks, it causes a rise in the potential, harmful DHT (Dihoxydrotesterone) and estrogen. The result is that our friend’s breasts were beginning to enlarge and his sex drive was dropping even more.


I could go on and on here, but a few months later when this gentleman finally did decide to come see me and get help, we did zinc levels on him and they were 2-1/2 times normal. This probably caused the worsening of his sex drive and decreasing his sperm and testosterone levels, which on blood test, were still on the lower end of normal for his age. His estrogen and DHT levels were both well above normal for a man and were, no doubt, causing some feminization here.

This man was not a vegetarian, so I told him to cut back on the oysters and chocolate and eat a little more red meat and supplement with Carnitene (as in Regenerizer). Then he would get plenty of zinc naturally. We followed up his zinc level later after eating this regular diet, and it was perfectly normal. At this point in time, he actually showed up for his physical examination. Only through the examination, I found a small lump in his left testicle, which turned out to be a testicular cancer. This was the real reason why he did not want to come see me and wanted to handle his medical problem by himself – with the held of the newsletter guru.

The patient went on to have surgery. The cancerous testicle was removed and there were no metastasis. We stopped all his excess zinc at this point in time and left him on the strawberries and Tribulus. He is also now taking Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil for its many health benefits, including improving his testosterone levels by lowering the conversion to DHT. He is also on low dose human growth hormone (HGH), which has been shown to boost sperm and libido when all else fails.

Finally, he is on Regenerizer, which is helping his sex drive and his spermatogenesis.

Now what about all these supplements and cancer? Well, let’s take a look at DHEA first. Remember, Regenerizer has low dose DHEA, which is a testosterone precursor, but does not drive up estrogen/DHT levels the way Androstenedione does.

Additionally, DHEA has been shown in studies to have many other benefits, including immune system improvements, improved sugar control, improved sex drive and in several studies, a cancer fighting effect.

What about human growth hormone and cancer? Well, try as they might, the anti-aging people still cannot find causal link to cancer with human growth hormone, DHEA or testosterone for that matter. Still, one world famous health guru who looks like a fat version of Hypocrites (a real picture of health, this guy) was heard to say on National TV recently that human growth hormone is linked to some cancers. Once again, this has never been proven over the 15 years that it has been studied.

So, what are the morals of this story? Here is Dr Dave’s list of 10 not-so-silly tips

1) Be careful who you listen to
2) Use your supplements wisely
3) Use supplements that actually work
4) Do not expect normal amounts of food to have vitamin like effects in all cases
5) Expect to get oyster breath and possibly toxins from eating large amounts of oysters
6) Too much of a good thing IS too much
7) Have all lumps or bumps checked by your doctor. If they grow or change have them checked again
8) Consult a knowledgeable doctor about supplements and don’t expect every doctor to know about them
9) Use only the highest grade supplements
10) Some problems require more than food to fix

So, what do you really need to be a stud or studette?

Well, first and foremost, you need energy – that is right, energy and lots of it. Sexual acts, male or female orgasm, and spermatogenesis are highly energetic acts. That is, of course, unless you believe in the old joke which goes like this: Doctor to patient, “Are you sexually active?” Patient to doctor, “No, I just lie there.”

Those of you who read the Regenerizer copy noted the testimonial from a Philadelphia based attorney named Dean Andrews:


How I Saved My Relationship With REGENERIZER

"There is something I just have to share with you Dr Dave.

"When I stepped off the plane I was exhausted. A 3-day high stress emotionally charged Blitzkreig of a business meeting had left me limp as a wet dish rag. The flight home had been miserable from the moment we took off. Overbooked, overcrowded, under air conditioned and full of hot sweaty tense angry people.

The ride was rough and choppy for the whole bloody way home. Worse I hadn't had a free moment to call my honey for the 3 days because of the total obligation to the meeting, I had to be present from sun up to late night, no breaks. It felt like I was in prison.

"I knew she would miss me dearly and be sad and upset by the lack of attention and communication. I knew that the only way to mend the problem was to spend some quality loving time with her AS SOON AS I GOT HOME! But, my tank was absolutely on E. I worried I might fall asleep at the wheel on the ride home. Fortunately, your product was rolling around in my pocket.

"I said a silent prayer of thanks, and popped 2 packets full of those babies. By the time I got my bags and got to the car I could feel the energy coursing through my bloodstream. Without getting too explicit, when I got home I gave my sweetie a wild passionate sex filled night to remember.



Dean Andrews
Philadelphia, PA


The reason Regenerizer was so helpful to him was because it supported his sex drive and gave him the energy to perform when he needed it most and had it the least.

Carnitene and Co Q go together in specific doses in Regenerizer are intimately involved in sexual energy generation, as well as total body energy. This is because any active tissue needs a lot of power to generate energy. Especially cells that move (sperm) contract (penis and vagina) and secrete (prostate, testes and vagina) and engorge (penis and clitoris).

In truth, both CoQ and Carnitene lead to increased cellular energy and spermatogenesis, as well as improved orgasmic response. This is true in populations whether they be far eastern and grain fed or beef-fed Americans.

These studies are real and have been repeated multiple times, unlike the study with zinc and testosterone.

DHEA is well known as a sexual stimulator because of its generation of increased testosterone levels.

But there is another thing that few people realize, it has an almost thyroid effect on metabolism in all cells in the body. That is, it gives you a real boost.

Those of you who use Viagra, try this experiment. About one hour before sex, take two packs of Regenerizer. If both people involved do it, it works even better. You will find that you really do not need Viagra™, Cialis™, or Levitra™ at all. But if you want to enhance the effect of these drugs even further, then yes, you can safely use Regenerizer at the same time as you use these drugs, if you feel you must.

That is the beautiful thing about all my supplements. They genuinely enhance drug effects without any side effects. So as far as the above drugs are mentioned, why not just avoid the headache, blue vision and stomach upset and nasal stuffiness? Also, remember that unlike Viagra, et al, Regenerizer is great for women too. So, remember, Regenerizer is a true sexual tool and a real, all-natural, safe energy booster.

Well, that is it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed, “Silly Sex Tips Revealed” as much as I have.

Copyright 2004


Editor's Note:

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