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Sex, Orgasm, And The Little Blue Pill: Part 2


OK folks lets review briefly.

We talked about drugs and some supplements and there effect on male and female sexuality.

We also mentioned that the little blue pill and its buddies don't seem to help women nearly as much as men with sexual dysfunction.

Now we are going to concentrate on the ladies a little bit more, with tidbits for the men as well.

You will recall I stated that Regenerizer has what I consider to be the perfect amount of DHEA for both men and women.

Letís examine DHEA a little more closely.

First off the human brain both male and female has more DHEA in it than any other sex hormone. As I told you last episode women seem to have even more receptors for it accounting for its even greater efficacy in the fairer sex.

Humans also have a higher concentration of DHEA and its receptors in their brains than any other animal on this planet. None the less as you might imagine most of the research on this topic has to come from animals with similar brain structures (rats and bunnies again!) since harvesting human brains for research is not legal moral or even thinkable!!!!

That said, we can gather info by asking and studying about human responses and coupling that with the animal studies. That is basically how human sexuality is studied.

Women have higher DHEA levels in their brains. They are also almost totally dependant on DHEA from the adrenal glands for their testosterone levels which though much lower than in men, are still very important for female sex drive and response.

I canít tell you how many women have told me about the "blip coming back on their radar screens to quote one of my patients who was referring to her sex drive and ability to have an orgasm again after starting Regenerizer.

Another very interesting thing about DHEA is that it winds up on the skin where it seems to function as an aphrodisiac in both sexes.

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Lest you think that DHEA alone works as well as Regenerizer, by all means go out and try the 2 side by side. You will see that the additional bioenergetic qualities of Regenerizer make it far superior to even higher doses of DHEA alone.

One other interesting fact: The lower the DHEA level you have, the more likely you are to be overweight, and at least in our society, less likely to succeed in love and other endeavors.

The next reason why the male sexual performance enhancers don't seem to work in women is a little chemical called prolactin.

While prolactin exists in men and women, the key difference is that women do not have the post orgasmic spike in prolactin that men do under normal circumstances.

Prolactin tends to inhibit orgasm, reduce testosterone, decrease overall sex drive and causes impotence in situations where it is too high.

It also inhibits energy generation, tends to lead to relaxation and sleepiness, and decreases the pheromone (sexual attractants) in our skin.

Incidentally stress and pregnancy (because of milk let down) also crank up your prolactin levels.

Again most women do not have a prolactin spike after orgasm, most men do. This accounts for a fundamental difference in the female sexual response, the capacity for multiple orgasms.

You can see that if there is a lot of this around, it does not help the sexual response!

Sorry guys Viagra does not help this particular problem. Men who have used Viagra have mentioned to me that while they can continue to "do it" mechanically, they are not as emotionally involved the 2nd or 3rd time around.

Now, go back a second to DHEA's action in the female brain. This is inhibitory to prolactin secretion as well.

So let me sum up this complex subject as it applies to supplementation.

1) Any supplement that relies solely on PDE 5 actions is bound to fail in women because it neglects their brain chemistry.

2) The main difference between the female sexual/orgasmic response boils down to different wiring in the brain and the levels of prolactin which differ in men and women

3) Regenerizer works well in men and women because of the blend of bioenergegtic compounds and DHEA making it far superior to DHEA alone for both men and women as a sexual enhancer, and an energizer.

4) Fish oils effect on PDE 5 inhibition and its effect on preventing testosterone breakdown are part of its beneficial effect on sexual behavior as well as many other health benefits.

I want to say a few thing sin wrap up here. Believe it or not I greatly simplified this discussion of male and female sexualtiy

There are many more compounds and hormones involved, I just singled out the main ones.

I want to thank you for hanging in there with me on this particular trip. I know it was more scientific than usual and I have no idea how you feel about it!

I could write a book on this stuff but the last thing I want to do is bombard you with useless facts!

Also your response will help me gauge how in depth to go with this stuff in the future.

Copyright 2004


Editor's Note:

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The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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