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Sex, Orgasm, And The Little Blue Pill


Doc, I have been taking your fish oil and Regenerizer for 3 weeks now and I swear to god my sex drive is better. Is this possible and why. I don’t need Viagra anymore, but would it be safe to take it with your stuff? My wife also loves your stuff and thinks it has helped both of our sex drives. Is it safe for her to take?

Harvey D. Racine, WI

This recent email gave me an idea that some folks actually do want to know what the mechanism of action is for the newest class of “lifestyle enhancement” drugs as well as how my supplements enhance sex drive.

Not to play favorites and offend my friends in the Drug Rep business I want to say the names of all of these drugs that are available in the US at this moment. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

From this point on much to the horror of the people who sell them, I am going to lump them all together! OUCH!!

There are true differences between them which include duration, receptor specificity, and maybe some side effects profiles, but I am not really interested in this at the moment.

The real reason I want to teach you a little about how these drugs work is because they represent the “tip of the Iceberg” in terms of what is going to come out of this class of drugs.

This class of drugs is known as the PDE 5 Inhibitors. PDE 5 stands for “Phospho diesterase #5 “. As you might guess that must mean there is a PDE 4 and a PDE 6 etc. Righto!! There are at this count 11 different PDE’s out there, and they all do different things.

In general terms the PDE class of enzymes and the drugs that inhibit them like the 3 mentioned above are involved in the energy generation of individual cells.

In the case of the PDE 5’s these cells happen to be located mostly in the genital area and the pelvis around them.

Again generally these PDE 5’s are responsible for the increase of blood flow to the organs in the genital area e.g. (and here I go as promised with those naughty words), PENIS and VAGINA.

Now let’s break it down even further. Let’s say that you are a single lonely little penis/vagina cell. On your surface you have a receptor which is kind of like an on off switch. When something comes along and penetrates that receptor site on your surface, something happens inside you!

If all this sounds strangely like a microcosm for sex, please bear with me....

Once the switch is turned on, a chemical change takes place inside the cell. An energy generating reaction takes place and a chemical called cyclic GMP is produced.

This chemical causes the explosive release of another chemical from the cell called Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide release leads to the relaxation of blood vessels (no they do not immediately fall asleep!).

This then allows increased blood flow into the organ (penis/vagina) allowing for erections in men and less dramatic results in women, which I will get to soon.

So there you have it in less then 10 Easy Steps.

Presumably there are many other ways to increase this all important chemical Nitric Oxide other than just the PDE’s .

But for now let’s stick with them. There are PDE’s on the blood vessels of the scalp, the brain, the heart, the gut, the eye and the muscles of the back to name a few.

It should not be too much of a stretch to see how tweaking these receptors might lead to some very helpful benefits like opening up the blood vessels of the heart, or the brain.

I am sure that Big Pharmacy is working on this very thing right now, no doubt using naturally occurring materials as a base and trying to patent them so they can charge ridiculous amounts for their drugs.

You might also see how if the PDE 5 class has some overlap to these other receptor sites you might wind up with side effects like headache, heart attack, clogged sinuses, funky blue vision or upset stomach all of which have been reported with Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

Once again Fish Oil and Regenerizer work through these mechanisms but they are non-specific and much milder on erectile tissue. But the OVERALL effect on sexual response is often just as dramatic as drugs. Now as to Fish Oil and Regenerizer and there affects on Sexual performance and their safety with the PDE 5’s, here goes:

Fish Oil and Co Q seem to increase Nitric Oxide in much the same way as the PDE’5’s but their effects are much more global, milder and less specific.

The soon to be introduced BerryBoost tm will also have direct Nitric Oxide boosting effects.

Men, Believe me if every time you took a fish oil capsule you got an erection that lasted 36 hours I would not even have to write any of these articles!

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Fortunately many of the other benefits of my compounds occur BECAUSE of the global effect and the gentleness with which Fish Oil and Regenerizer affect the PDE receptors.

Thus Fish Oil and Regenerizer can be safely used to enhance the effects of "The Little Blue Pill". Additionally the role of DHEA cannot be understated as many of you have noted.

We chose the absolute perfect dose for BOTH men and women to avoid the side effects (hair and acne growth) while still providing the general and sexual energy boost.

Referring back to my earlier newsletters, women and men but women especially have large numbers of DHEA receptors in the brain (specifically the median raphe) which accounts for its effectiveness there.

Again referring back to earlier letters I have often mentioned Fish Oil’s effect on preventing the breakdown of testosterone, Regenerizer’s effect on boosting cellular energy levels in the genitalia, both male and female.

Men, pay particular attention here. There is, gentlemen, a lot more to the female sexual response then to most of ours, I am sorry to say. Any supplement that focuses on solely vascular response in women is doomed to fail, as Viagra recently did. Pfizer has officially pulled all research on their drug Viagra in female orgasmic and sexual response, I’m told. More on this tomorrow.

Big Pharmacy is very shrewd however. If ever there was a case of “making lemons into lemonade”, they’ve done it. Instead of focusing on the overall failure of this class of drugs to benefit the general female sexual/orgasmic response, they roll right over it by having their commercials be acted strictly by women. This implies that a well functioning man is the most important thing to every woman.

I would submit to you from my experience on counseling women and men, that a well functioning woman (sexually) is every bit as important to the woman herself as her spouses sexual function.

Bottom line guys: Women are 100% complete sexually functioning units, so learn this and treat them like you understand it!

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