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There's A Right And Wrong Time to Visualize Your Goals

Did you know that there is an ideal time to visualize what you want to create in your life? And at the same time, there is a... Read Entire Article

Life In The Real World After College

Today ... a change of pace. My thoughts on the college system in America. Read them and be shocked. "After you get out of college and deal with the real world - you have to unlearn all the nonsense you were taught from lane-brain college professors who... Read Entire Article

How One Girl Used Her Imagination to Score Big Points

Last month a young female basketball player asked me if I could help her improve her shooting. We went to the gym and I watched her shoot for... Read Entire Article

8 Success Lessons I Didn't Learn in School

Some months ago, a group of men and women came to town to meet with me for some private coaching. On the first evening of their visit, though, instead of talking "biz" - I handed them a sheet of paper with 8 Success Lessons written on it. I'm not going to go into all the details I gave this group, as that is confidential, but... Read Entire Article

How To Get More Done In Less Time And Achieve Your Goals At Lightning Speed

Want to know the secret of getting more done in less time? Okay, great. Let me give you three things you can do to double your... Read Entire Article

7 Healthy Ways to Unwind on Weekends

When the weekend arrives, many people don't know how to "unwind" in a healthy way. Today I... Read Entire Article

How Many Goals Should You Visualize At Once?

If you have a written list of goals, or if you keep them on 3x5 cards (as I do), you can quickly go through each one - and with "open eyes" make a... Read Entire Article

How To Visualize Your Goal

Brad, to answer question number one, when you visualize your goal, you can do so both ways that you descibed... Read Entire Article

Two Ways to Direct Your Mind

There are two ways to use your mind when you want to achieve an objective. The first way is to simply decide upon a specific goal - then... Read Entire Article

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