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Safe Erections

By: DAVE WOYNAROWSKI, M.D. The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist
Here's a couple questions I recently received that need answered.
"Dr Dave, I have read your description and others about your Instant Endurance product and its ability to improve athletic and sexual performance. I understand it is referred to as Himalayan Viagra because of the Cordyceps mushrooms in it. My question to you is, is it as dangerous as regular Viagra? I heard Viagra can cause heart attacks and don't want to take anything that might damage my heart.
Anthony Degilis, Seattle Washington

"I'm only 59, but seldom get an erection. I've tried Viagra, and all it did was give me a headache! I'm trying to resign myself to living the rest of my life without sex."

These comments bring up a very interesting point.
The drug Viagra was originally designed as an anti-aging drug!
That is to say it was meant to combat chest pain in people with heart disease.
Pfizer wisely looked at the market and decided they could make a lot more money selling it for its #1 side effect, enhanced erections!
The rest as they say is financial history and the drug is a blockbuster for them.
However in one of the great ironies, men, especially older men started having heart attacks when the drug hit the market.
Interesting isn't it! A drug that was designed to reduce chest pain in heart patients wound up causing heart attacks.

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As it turns out a recent study at the University of Chicago medical school showed that blood clots and heart attacks went up because of Viagra, but only in men who were predisposed to these problems already.

So, Viagra is basically safe for healthy men.

The trick is knowing that you are healthy!

Heart attack afflicts 35% of people who had no prior symptoms (No this was not Clinton; He had symptoms and ignored them!).

Instant Endurance contains no Viagra and the Cordyceps mushrooms have thousands of years of a track record of safe use in their native populations.

They are routinely and safely used there for sexual stimulation as well as athletic enhancement.

They are also used for immune system improvements, something that is vital in the coming flu season.

If you have any concerns about your health, you would be better served using Instant Endurance for its potency giving abilities, than Viagra!

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The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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