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How To Get Ripped Muscles... Without Weights

By: Matt Furey - best selling author of "Combat Conditioning"

One of the criticisms leveled at me in regard to Combat Conditioning and my other products is that I use "hype" to promote them. Strange notion, indeed.

Those who send me their testimonials don't feel like what they are sending me is "hype.: They know it is the truth - and they're living proof. I'll give you some more "proof" in a moment, but first ...

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Okay, onto a couple important emails:

Just yesterday I received an email from another satisfied customer, who had this to say:

I just read the e-mail you sent out yesterday. 71-year old Don C.'s e-mail to you just delighted me.

I am 61. I ordered your Combat Conditioning book about a year ago. I had been going to the gym for several months with my son. While I was building up somewhat, I simply wasn't interested in "bulking up," or getting "ripped."

What attracted my attention to your ad among all the other "stuff" out there was your reference to "functional" strength. That clicked with me because that's what I wanted. My main interest is my health; I want to be healthy. I look around me and see so many people my age who are weak and sickly. It seems that their primary topic of conversation is which ache or pain is uppermost in their mind this week! Yech!

Long story short, I decided to simultaneously stop going to the gym and start Combat Conditioning in the comfort, convenience and privacy of my living room. I started with the Royal Court. Well, I started at it. I could only do about 8 hindu pushups. I couldn't make it to 20 squats. The bridge only lasted a few seconds with the top of my head on the mat.

This was AFTER several months of going to the gym at least three times a week!

I slowly increased the reps until I suddenly realized that I was spending nearly an hour a day at it. Now, I understand that an hour a day is nothing for you but my primary interest is my health as I enter my "golden" years, not competition. So, I modified my schedule.

Here's my schedule now:

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Yesterday, I did 250 hindu squats touching my fingertips to the mat every five. Then, after a short rest, a bridge for 12 long, deep breaths taking two minutes or more. Then, I kick back with my feet nearly touching the floor above my head. Then, another bridge for 10 breaths and another kickover. It's during this second bridge that I can either touch my nose to the mat or get very close.

This morning, I did 50 hindu pushups. After a short rest, I stood near the wall, bent backwards to touch the wall at about waist level and touched my nose to the wall below that. Pushing off from the wall to straighten up, I then bent over forwards to touch the floor with my fingertips. The second set, I touched my second knuckles to the floor. The third time, I touched my fists to the floor. Then, back on the mat, I did six reverse pushups.

I alternate those two routines for six days and then take a day off. While it doesn't meet the standards needed for competition, it works for me. I look good and feel good. I'm wearing size 34 jeans again after having worn (and filled) 36's for a few years.

I am so grateful I found your program. I plan to continue it until the day comes that I simply cannot anymore. I am convinced that staying strong and healthy will enable me to fight off all kinds of debilitating illnesses for a far longer time.

Thank you for helping me be healthy!

Ed Hill, 61
Phoenix, AZ

M.F.: Ed, all I can say is I am proud as hell of you. You are a role model for all to follow. And I don't consider one word of what you wrote to be "hype." Fitness truth is better than fiction.

Now, before I close this message, another email from a reader who felt that I didn't answer a question he asked of me earlier in the week.

Here is his email to me:


About the e-mail I copied and pasted below. You didn't answer his question about why you look so ripped. I've seen this as one complaint (of many) that you are all hype because "you couldn't possibly get so ripped doing only bodyweight exercises". I think it would serve you well to answer the question more specifically (and I would appreciate an answer too).

By the way, really enjoyed the e-mail from Don, the 70 year old who has bad knees and did 225 squats in a row. Makes me feel bad that I can barely do 50, and I'm 27 years old. To me, this is proof that your system works.

Nathan Ham


I just purchased "Combat Conditioning" book and videos and I'm pretty impressed. I've finished the book and just finished watching the videos so I'm ready to start. I've been lifting weights for several years and am looking at your program as a viable alternative. I do have one question so far, though. In the book you mention that combat conditioning will not cause a person's physique to look "ripped" like a bodybuilder, but in your picture on the website you look about as ripped as most of the drug-free bodybuilders I've seen. Can you explain this to me?

David Dann


M.F.: David, I got the "ripped" look I had in the picture from following a dietary regime that I call the Furey Fat Loss Diet. I also got it from hill sprints and bodyweight calisthenics. Although I used to lift weights, I never got "ripped" from the practice. I always have gotten better results with bodyweight calisthenics.

And when you combine good diet with these exercises, it works even faster.

Now, for a moment, consider the gymnasts. Take a look at their bodies and how ripped they are.

Consider professional dancers. Consider those who compete in "diving." Consider those who box.

Almost without exception, these athletes do NOT lift weights. So why are THEY ripped?

It is diet and exercise. Simple as that.

But again, the point of Combat Conditioning is NOT getting "ripped." It is the acquiring of "functional strength, endurance and flexiblity."

Most importantly it is for the acquiring of robust health and vitality. To me, that's what it's all about. The "look" means nothing without health.

Copyright, Gold Medal Publications, Inc 2004


Editor's Note:

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