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What Happens When You Refuse to Rest

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author of "Combat Conditioning"

Last Saturday night, at 5 PM, my Shaolin Fitness & Combat Conditioning Seminar ended.

Like all of my seminars, I didn't want it to end. And neither did those who attended.

Being that I had only been back in the U.S. for a week due to my Australia-New Zealand trip - I had much to do in preparation for the event.

Not only that, but I had the same regular daily tasks to do that I am committed to doing each day.

In addition to that - I had several other commitments, everything from helping people with their businesses to writing copy.

And as if this weren't enough, my wife was preparing my schedule for another business trip to China.

No big deal. Such is the life of an entrepreneur. We're the guys who are supposed to be masters of juggling more things at the same time than any 10 men can do. And we welcome the challenge.

At present, for example, I have no less than 15 different projects I am putting time into - and I want 'em all done now. Don't we all.

And so, upon returning from "down under" - I figured I'd just stay up late and work. In that way I didn't have to be concerned about adapting to the time change.

For one solid week - I didn't go to bed any earlier than 3 a.m. Boy, was I proud. I got a ton of work done. It was super quiet and peaceful. No phone calls. No one wanting to speak to me. No one bothering me in the least.

What a dream.

When the seminar was over, I needed a bite to eat. We're talking hunggggrrrrry.

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I took a drive with the other seminar presenters: John Wood, Ed Baran and Roger LaPointe - pulled up to a breakfast restaurant (served all day, my favorite) and we ate like men at a feast.

After eating I drove Ed to the airport - and it was all I could do to stay awake en route. Upon my return from the airport, in order to stay awake, I stopped at a Starbucks and ordered a double shot of Cappuccino - largest size they have, too. Goes by the ridiculous word "Venti."

I pounded that Capuccino figuring it would keep me up til morning.

No such luck.

It was all I could do to get back home.

As I walked through the door Zhannie wanted to talk about the details of the next trip to China, and some other matters.

"I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. We'll talk later," I said.

Took a shower and hit the hay at 9 PM.

Woke up the next morning at 9 AM. Not bad, 12 straight hours of sleep.

Picked John and Roger up and went for breakfast again. Like myself, they tend to eat three breakfast meals a day, too. Why have anything else?

After eating we stopped to get some bottled water at a convenience store. I bent over to get a bottle and pulled my lower back. Something I have not done in years.

The muscle pull was followed by more fatigue - despite the 12 hours of sleep. And at that point I said "To hell with everything else - I'm going back to bed."

Moral of the Story: Your body needs rest, too.

You can train it, feed it and give it healthy supplements to increase energy. All of that is good.

But don't kid yourself. You need rest.

You can willingly give yourself the rest you need - or be forced into a situation where you must.

I'm getting to bed much earlier these days - and life is better for me that way.

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Editor's Note:

Although what Matt has just described may sound a bit extreme - I assure you that much of society is extreme in the other direction. By this I mean that many people do nothing for their health. They don't exercise at all. Or they follow programs that beat them up. You can change all that and move along the road of vibrant health and energy through exercise. You'll get exactly that when you dive into Matt's Combat Conditioning book and videos - which just so happen to be international best-sellers. Go to Matt Furey and order now.

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