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How To Prevent Prostate Cancer

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

In order to get the most out of this article, you need to have read the "Male Menopause" article first.

Let's review just a bit about the topic of Male Menopause, also called Andropause, and testosterone metabolism.

Overall testosterone is a good hormone to have around if you are a guy. It promotes mental sharpness well being, muscle retention and growth, bone strength, sex drive, fat burning, heart health and lower blood sugars. Again this is a short list.

Please try to divorce yourself from the image of the muscle laden vein popping 'roid raged body builder who is taking 10X more hormone than is physiologic (normal) here.

Also understand that as an anti-aging doctor, my version of normal is what you would get if you took a typical 32 year old man who was in the 75% range of his group as far as testosterone levels is concerned.

Whether you are 40, 60 or 80 that is about the range I am shooting for.

Ok so normal amounts of testosterone is good. The natural breakdown products of testosterone are DHT via an enzyme found primarily in the skin and prostate called 5 alpha reductase. From DHT we go to estrogen via an enzyme that is plentiful in the fat called Aromatase.

While it is normal for men to have some DHT and Estrogen around, it is not normal for these breakdown products or metabolites to be the dominant hormones in terms of effect or number.

The aging process in men generally leads to decreased signals from the brain to make testosterone, decreased production of testosterone from the testis, or both.

Because of other complex hormonal interplays, the aging man tends to get fatter especially around the middle. Lower levels of Growth hormone are mainly responsible for that along with life style and metabolic changes which again may be hormonally driven.

AS fat accumulates and less testosterone is made, the activity of Aromatase goes up leading to more estrogen. Additionally at least in some men 5 alpha reductase activity also seems to go up which leads to more DHT which in turn feed the estrogen pipeline.

In the past Prostate cancer was thought to be only driven by testosterone.

But as usual when people looked more closely at the situation new understanding was gained.

One very fascinating finding was that men with the highest levels of testosterone seemed to have the least prostate cancer.

Again this flies in the face of what was previously taught.

Early treatments for prostate cancer included removal of the testis and putting men on estrogens!

Recently it was found that men taking drugs to shrink their prostate actually had a significant decrease I the numbers of prostate cancer.

This led scientists to look at DHT as the culprit. But again this is probably too simplistic.

Less DHT leads to less estrogen which is I think where the real answer lies.

Again if you block the formation of DHT you get, less hair loss, less acne and skin problems and ultimately less estrogen and Prostate cancer!

I will never forget a round table discussion I sat in on where 2 experts on prostate cancer were debating the question of using testosterone in men with prostate cancer.

One doctor said, "That is absolutely contraindicated and would be malpractice!"

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The other doctor said, "Actually there is some data to support the safety of testosterone in prostate cancer as long as you are blocking its conversion to estrogen. At the very least no harm was done UNLESS the man already had metastasis. Then testosterone drove the cancer faster.

Now one is going to do that experiment intentionally, but I thought it was interesting that in the earlier cases of prostate cancer it seemed that testosterone's health promoting benefits may have outweighed its down side.


So theoretically if you could keep testosterone as testosterone and just have normal amounts of DHT and Estrogen around you would probably reduce or eliminate most cases of prostate cancer!

You have heard me say many times that Fish Oil blocks the conversion of Testosterone to DHT mainly in the context of athletics.

Now you can see its critical role in possibly reducing the number of cancer cases out there!!

So what is the evidence?

June 23 Harvard Medical School releases a report on the role of Omega 3 (Fish Oil) in lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

Almost 50,000 men were followed for 14 years.

Men who had the highest levels of EPA and DHA(Fish Oil) had both the lowest total numbers of Prostate Ca and the lowest numbers of advanced cases at the time of diagnosis ( 11% and 26% reductions overall).

Once again the fatty acids from plants (corn, safflower and flax) as well as non fish animals seemed to raise the incidence of Prostate Cancer.

This was not the first study showing that fish Oil protects against prostate cancer, but it is the newest and biggest.

Therefore it will be harder for the medical establishment to ignore!

If you are interested in preventing prostate cancer you are now armed with a very powerful tool in Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

Remember disease begins long before symptoms. Start you preventative measures now!

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The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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