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Should You Use Supplements During Pregnancy?

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

Dr Dave- I am confused. When I went to see my obstetrician and asked about Fish Oil she was not for it. Then when I asked her about Fish during my pregnancy ( I am 9 weeks now) she told me no more than 1 fish meal a week, none if I was breast feeding. She told me that I should stick with farm raised salmon because it is cleaner. This is the opposite of what you say. You also say on the bottle to consult your own doctor if you are pregnant. Is your Fish Oil bad for my baby? Please explain!

Dee Dee Myers, Ft. Worth, TX

I have to admit I had mixed emotions when I answered this young lady's email.

Here is the gist of what I said.

First, always listen to your Doctor. He or She knows you best and may have specific reasons why he or she wants you to avoid fish oil capsules.

However there are several conflicting bits of information here.

First there is a lot of data to show that Omega 3 Fish Oil supplementation during pregnancy actually improves the health and size of the newborn.

If supplementation is continued during Breast feeding, the infants may have better visual acuity and higher IQ's!

Deficiency of Omega 3's during pregnancy can lead to defects in this area.

Again Omega 6 deficiencies can also be a problem but due to the nature of our diets this is almost never an issue in Western Nations.

AS far as Farm Raised fish being cleaner I have to disagree 100%!

I don't think anything could be further from the truth.

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Just yesterday a featured news release from the Environmental Protection Agency showed that in the 48 states tested, fresh water fish had contamination with Mercury, lead, PBC's and PVC's all the time, every time!

Add to that the fact that just like beef, farm raised fish are fed a "meal" that contains high levels of Omega 6 fatty acids and lower levels of Omega 3's, and you dilute the beneficial health giving effects of fish for your children (eyesight and brain power as well as mood stabilization, and overall size and development at birth!).

The Medical Establishment continues to hedge around the fish vs. Fish Oil issue because they do not want to give a product endorsement to manufacturers of high grade Fish Oil like myself.


Well let's look at who pays their salaries.

It has been said that almost 85% of the medical research in this country is funded by drug companies.

If it were to come out that you could take a naturally occurring supplement that combated heart disease better than statins, improved memory, Alzheimer's disease athletic performance sexual performance, mood, arthritis and many other things, how many drugs sales would be threatened?!

In a big move however, the American Heart Association very quietly and very recently amended their language about Omega 3's to include "Fish and Fish Oil".

There were no press releases on that one!

I would have loved to see the look of constipation (consternation) on their faces when they had to own up to that.

So here is my bottom line. If my wife were pregnant, I would have her take at least 3 capsules of my Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil everyday throughout her pregnancy, breast feeding and then feed our baby it in baby food etc. until the child was old enough to take it on his own. I would then make sure that my child TOOK IT!!!

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