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How to Turn Every Cell in Your Body into a Fat Burning Ramjet

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

I don't think I have to tell you that we have an epidemic of 2 closely related health problems in this country: Obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

While I have talked at length about both of these problems in the past, I will review very briefly for your convenience here.

The accumulation of fat in the body is a very unhealthful process. If you look at the amount of fat people accumulate as they age, it goes up, and up the older most of us get.

I have discussed some of the reasons for this in my hormonal lecture and of course my CD "The Hercules Factor, the Absolute Unadulterated Secrets of Growth Hormone Revealed".

Another thing that happens when people get fat is they develop insulin insensitivity. This is what distinguishes Type 1 (pancreas makes no or too little insulin) from Type 2 (pancreas makes more insulin than normal).

The more insulin that is around, the less sensitive the cells become to it and the more the pancreas needs to make to get the blood sugar down, until eventually there are so few insulin receptors left that the poor pancreas that is working at 100% can't overcome the high blood sugars.

Eventually it peters out or more likely is overcome by the pro-inflammatory state that too much insulin generates. Then a Type 2 diabetic can become insulin dependent like a Type 1.

Heart disease, blindness stroke, cancer, gangrene and amputation kidney failure, numbness of the feet and hands are just a few of the things an uncontrolled diabetic can look forward to.

The actual mechanisms by which Fish Oil improves the body's response to insulin are not yet clear but are under study.

What is clear is that there are improvements in blood sugar and insulin response.

I have taught you at length about fish oil's beneficial effects on letting cells speak to each other improved hormone levels (insulin is a hormone by the way!).

You know all about Fish Oil's tremendous and safe anti-inflammatory benefits and the many applications of this property in preventing and treating (FDA warning!! no vitamin treats anything!) disease.

It appears Fish Oil has yet another benefit.

Muscle and liver cells of a diabetic have insulin insensitivy too. This impairs their uptake of sugar and decreases their performance.

Unmetabolized sugar is attached to fat and accumulates in the muscle cells of a poorly controlled diabetic. This chemical is called "triacylglycerol".

In the U. S. we know it better as triglycerides.

Many diabetics have not only high cholesterol, but high triglycerides floating around in their blood stream and sitting around unused in their muscle.

NICE!!! Fat and sugar sitting around in your muscle. Can you say inflammation?!!

Most doctors know that Fish Oil is one of the most potent ways o lower triglycerides. They also know that triglycerides are an independent risk factor for heart disease.

Yet few of them prescribe Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil for their patients, or even food grade for that matter!!

By allowing the sugar fat molecule complex to be taken in and metabolized by muscle cells and perhaps by boosting the number of insulin receptors on those cells, fish oil improves the response to insulin.

Better insulin response leads to lower blood sugars and fewer complications and maybe fewer meds and side effects for the diabetics.

All of this is in addition to all of the heart, stroke, vascular and memory protective effects that have been seen!!

In the future I will show you how even Type 1 diabetics may benefit specifically from Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil by additional mechanisms.

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But for now I'd like to point out another fact: Some of the so called "Health Gurus" are still spouting off about how Fish Oil can Worsen Blood sugars. People its time to put that myth to rest. Put it along side the CLA myths and the Vitamins E is needed with fish Oil Myths.

Put them and the people that spout them where they belong, In the TRASH!!!

References 1: Diabetes. 2004 Feb;53 Suppl 1:S166-71.

"Our studies are important because they demonstrate that hyperinsulinemia can be rapidly reversed via the dietary provision of amounts of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.

Lipids. 2003 Oct;38(10):1023-9. Related Articles, Links

The hypotriglyceridemic effect of dietary n-3 FA is associated with increased beta-oxidation and reduced leptin expression.

Ukropec J, Reseland JE, Gasperikova D, Demcakova E, Madsen L, Berge RK, Rustan AC, Klimes I, Drevon CA, Sebokova E. "Supplementation of the high-fat diet with n-3 PUFA enhanced in vivo insulin sensitivity, as shown by normalization of the glucose infusion rate during euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp. Our results indicate that the hypotriglyceridemic effect of dietary n-3 PUFA is associated with stimulation of FA oxidation in the liver and to a smaller extent in skeletal muscle. This may ameliorate dyslipidemia, tissue lipid accumulation, and insulin action, in spite of decreased plasma leptin level and leptin mRNA in adipose tissue."

Let me translate this one into English for you. Fish oil increases the burning of fats (triglycerides) as fuels. (REMEMBER MAY 10th email on how to use Regenerizer and Fish Oil to burn more fat faster than you ever thought possible? Well here is more scientific proof!

By reducing tissue fat storage, fish oil improves insulin sensitivity, and as noted in the 1st reference, fish oil may actually improve insulin secretion when needed.

Leptin is a hormone found in fatty tissue. The fatter you get, the more it goes up, but the less sensitive the fat is to it. If you are really sharp you'll notice that this is the same thing that happens with insulin levels. The higher they go the less responsive the body is to them.

By decreasing Leptin levels, and improving Leptin sensitivity, Fish oil actually helps you store less fat. This is in addition to all its fat burning affects as noted above.

J Lipid Res. 2001 May;42(5):743-50. Related Articles, Links:

Reduction of leptin gene expression by dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Reseland JE, Haugen F, Hollung K, Solvoll K, Halvorsen B, Brude IR, Nenseter MS, Christiansen EN, Drevon CA.

Institute for Nutrition Research, University of Oslo, P. O. Box 1046, Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway. This one is cool because it points out the "Nutritional Genomic " Effects of Fish Oil.

Those of you who were on my May Teleseminar heard all about Nutritional Genomics. It is a cutting edge radical concept that states and as above proves that foods can directly effect the expression of our genetic material!!

Fish Oil is the premiere Nutritional Genomic compound because it can favorably alter the expression of many genes (genetic material) to help fight being fat as well as many cancers!

Ok I'll have mercy on you now!!! I have about 60 more pages of research on this topic that I could bombard you with but let me summarize the important points.

1) My Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil can help you get thin by improving the way your body burns fat and by improving the hormone levels that are responsible for fat storage( Leptin)

2) My Fish Oil can improve the liver's response to insulin and improve muscle uptake of sugar.

3) My fish oil along with Regenerizer makes an unbeatable fat burning compound literally turning your cells' furnaces (the mitochondria) into fat burning Ramjets. Not only is fat burning increased but you are less hungry!

4) Fish Oil improves testosterone and Growth hormone levels safely, IF it is pure enough, and concentrated enough like mine.

5) You do not, DO NOT, DOOOO NOOOT need to take extra vitamin E if you are taking high doses of Fish Oil!!!!! Vitamin E adds nothing to the benefits of fish Oil many studies done in the past 5 years have shown just that.

6) Fish Oil DOES NOT decontrol blood sugar, It IMPROVES IT for all the reasons stated in this article.

As obesity and Diabetes become worse and worse in this country Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil will become a mainstay of adjunctive treatment for both problems.

Finally I want to ask you a personal favor. Here it is. I know many of you are reading many different sources for your health information . I understand this and applaud it.

BUT, and there is always a BIG BUTT when we are talking about some of these "authorities". If they are quoting the transcripts form their local PTA or the Betty Crocker Cookbook, or some phone conversation they had with a super model ( nothing against PTA's Betty Crocker Or Supermodels), give them as much of your time and energy as they deserve. ZERO!!!!

Now get off YOUR BUTT and take some of Fish Oil!!

BTW for those of you who are interested I have lost 12 lbs and reduced my body fat from 20% to 12 % on 8 weeks of the Fish Oil and Regenerizer combo.

Copyright 2004


Editor's Note:


The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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