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How To Get More Done In Less Time And Achieve Your Goals At Lightning Speed

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author and Self-Made Millionaire

Want to know the secret of getting more done in less time? Okay, great. Let me give you three things you can do to double your "done" rate.

#1. Make out your typical "to do" list before bed each night - or upon arising. You may not think you have time for this, but studies prove those who spend 15 minutes planning their day get back 2 hours in greater productivity.

#2. Highlight the tasks you have to do that are "important" but not urgent. These are the tasks that build a great career, but never fall onto the "urgent" list because ... they don't really NEED to be done. Believe me, it was never an "urgent" task for me to write Combat Conditioning. It's never an "urgent" task for me to exercise. And it's never an "urgent" task for me to hug my wife and children.

Yet, these things are "important" to me and when I do them, not only do I benefit, others do, too.

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#3. Do the "important" tasks that you've highlighted and find other people to help you do the "urgent." In fact, the less you do of the "urgent" - the more time you'll spend on the truly important - and the more you and the world will benefit.

Last of all, never forget that daily exercise falls into the "Important" category. You don't have to do it. You can put it off forever. But doing so not only leads to health problems, it leads to far, far less ability to "get things done." Remember, 15 minutes of Combat Conditioning per day don't just get you into kick butt shape - they give many people as much as two extra hours of increased productivity.

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