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Your Monthly Office Visit

By: Dee Adams

Trying to find something enjoyable about seeing the doctor each month is almost impossible, unless you happen to have a VERY attractive doctor! Even then, it's a reminder that we used to GET a monthly "visitor" and now we ARE a monthly visitor!

Things are a bit different now than when we used to go for our checkups. There are a LOT more things to check! And they're not always up either! It seems to take longer to get undressed (are those paper gowns getting smaller, or what???), longer to explain our problems to the doctor and for some of us, it's much harder to even get up on the examining table!

One improvement that comes with age is being able to communicate with your doctor. We are much more likely to require that the doctor spend more time answering our questions and thoroughly explain any diagnosis or treatment plan. Of course, asking for more time doesn't always mean we will GET more time. Because of HMO's and other changes within the health industry, doctors are being stretched to see more patients so I've come up with a list of things that will help both you and your doctor on your next visit:

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1. When you make your next appointment, let them know that you would like to have a little extra time to discuss some issues with your doctor. They can arrange the schedule a lot easier when they know ahead of time.

2. Make a list of questions you would like to cover with the doctor. (It's best to start this list a week or so before your appointment....not an hour before). Include questions that will give you some idea of your doctor's point of view on certain issues. You may find that his/her viewpoint is not compatible with yours.

3. Also have a list of any changes you've noticed since your last visit. This should be a fairly detailed explanation so the doctor can determine the extent of your problems. Complaining about having hot flashes in general is not the same as saying how often you have them, how long they last and what your diet consists of.

Be prepared to make the decision to find a new doctor if you come away from your appointment with an unsatisfied feeling. When you have done your homework on your family history, current treatment trends and your own knowledge about your body, there is no reason to continue seeing a doctor who will not discuss options with you or at least make you feel that they are doing everything possible to make you more comfortable.


After 32 years  spent  as a mother,  housewife, insurance salesperson, signpainter, bartender, marketing director, taxi driver and webdesigner, Dee Adams started a new career....cartoonist! Is this what they mean by a mid-life crisis? Adams calls it  "Laughing your way through the Middle Rages".

The first question Adams is asked (after the laughter subsides) is, "where did the idea (for the Minnie Pauz cartoon) come from?" The answer is always the same, "I lived through it, and then decided to help other women get through it!"  It wasn't really that funny to go through, but since humor has always been a coping mechanism for Adams, the cartoon was a good way to share her perspective with others.  "Besides," says Adams, "there are no middle-aged cartoon characters out there for this huge group of women to relate to, so I had to create one."

Dee's website has been noted by many major newspapers such as USAToday, LA Times, Detroit News and London's "The Times". She has been interviewed on Detroit's ABC and NBC affiliates, as well as the site being shown on CNN. She has illustrated a health & fitness book, made personal appearances at medical conferences to promote "Humor Replacement Therapy"  and is currently working on her first book.

Minnie Pauz  cartoons are available for medical conferences, such as ACP, ACOG and NAMS,  presentations, licensing, advertising, syndication, monthly magazines, greeting cards, trade journals or for webpages. Adams  is available for book illustrating, personal appearances and autographing sessions.  Please schedule at least 4 months before event!

You'll find her website at

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