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How To Fight The Flu Without Taking The Flu Shot

I don't know about you but I find it incredible that the greatest nation on Earth has to grovel to its "allies" France and Germany to get enough flu shots to cover its most needy population: the elderly and infirm. Let's look for a second at the root of this problem. You really don't need to go further than... Read Entire Article

Mesotherapy vs. Cellulite For A Knockout

In the battle to look good, there’s a cosmetic treatment that is going a few rounds with cellulite and small fatty deposits. Mesotherapy is knocking out fat and rejuvenating skin in people who give it a try. Read Entire Article

How to Zap Fatigue Within Minutes

It's amazing but true. Most people get up tired and go to bed tired. Going to bed tired is somewhat understandable - but waking up tired is inexcusable. How can you... Read Entire Article

Death By Breathing

This gentleman's question cuts right to the heart of the anti-aging matter and... Read Entire Article

What's Your Health Worth?

What this means to you is that the longer you live the less likely you will be to have effective affordable Health Insurance Coverage. In other words, you and I are on our own together... Read Entire Article

When You Should Listen To Your Body

There are two things that every trainee needs to know how to do - and both are mental. The first is called "listening to your body." The second is called... Read Entire Article

Male Menopause

There is also an intermediate between estrogen and testosterone in men. It is called DHT. DHT has some very bad effects including... Read Entire Article

How To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Overall testosterone is a good hormone to have around if you are a guy. It promotes mental sharpness well being, muscle retention and growth, bone strength, sex drive... Read Entire Article

A Doctor's Personal Battle With High Blood Pressure

You may have heard me say before that I basically design supplements for myself. If they work, I try them in family and friends who are willing. Once there is general consensus that they are up to par and of course safe... Read Entire Article

The Dawn of the Super Men

Somewhere in Germany there is a little 5 year old boy who already looks like a body builder. Right now he has the strength of a 12 year old and by the time... Read Entire Article

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