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7 Ways To Make Exercise More Enjoyable

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author of "Combat Conditioning"

Thought I'd pass this along to you because it can really cut through the negativity on days that you may not feel like training.

1. While training, listen to music that inspires you or brings back memories of the best days of your life. But make sure you are still paying close attention to your breathing, posture and form.

2. Think about positive, successful moments in your life when you were full of confidence and courage. Imagine that you are bringing these same qualities into the picture of what you want to accomplish.

3. Listen to motivational cassette tapes, filled with stories and information about how you can improve your life. My Magnetic Mind Power series is a great one for this.

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4. Spend some time focusing on your goal and your present condition before you begin your session. Doing this will help you begin and end your program with focused enthusism.

5. Focus on your breathing, watching the inhale and exhale. When you focus on your breathing while exercising, you can feel the same euphoria, within minutes, that has been labeled, "runner's high."

6. Focus on the bottoms of your feet when you are running, biking or walking. Push off the ground. Notice how much more of your latent physical strength is used when you pay attention to the connection your feet have with other things.

7. At a high-point of the workout, imagine that you have already achieved your goal and someone wants to know how you accomplished it. Mentally pretend that you are telling them how you did it and they are praising and congratulating you for your achievement.

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Editor's Note:

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