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Life In The Real World After College

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author and Self-Made Millionaire

Today ... a change of pace. My thoughts on the college system in America. Read them and be shocked.

"After you get out of college and deal with the real world - you have to unlearn all the nonsense you were taught from lane-brain college professors who are almost always mere theorizers and nothing more. Elimination of the idiot notions learned in college takes time - but it is a substantial movement in the right direction.

Most of what a person learns in college is utter dribble that contributes almost nothing to a brighter future. You want to see a roomful of depressed people - sit in on any college classroom sometime. That's why the students have to get wasted on a regular basis. The torture of that kind of "learning" is almost unbearable.

Moreover, if you find a single teacher in college who pulls you aside and teaches you the true keys to success in life, you're fortunate indeed. And yes, you would need to be "pulled aside" because the subjects of success, accurate thinking, creating and so on - are NOT a part of any college courses.

The very thing people need most is not taught at the university, no matter how many tens of thousands of dollars are shelled out.

If the tuition were a million bucks per year, it wouldn't matter. Your only real chance for success is through extra-curricular research and study - usually under a mentor who has already "been there and done that." And by that I mean, the acquiring of specialized knowledge from that mentor, especially that which is practical, useful and has the capability to improve your life.

Most of what I know today is a result of having great mentors. And by "mentors" - I am NOT speaking about those who taught in front of a chalkboard.

Now, I realize that these remarks offend those who not only went to college - but went even further and acquired a "master's degree" or a "Ph.D." Yet, what I am saying is true. You can go to college for twenty years if you'd like - but this will only prove my point as you'll still be a complete dunce when it comes to achieving success in the real world.

How do I know this?

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Well, let's just say that I know many people who have post graduate degrees in business, ugghh, or even worse, marketing. And in almost every single case, it only takes me about three questions to totally confuse these "learned men."

I say "almost" because occasionally you will meet someone who has a master's or Ph.D. and they won't be stumped by a few questions. But in that case, this person, upon realizing he got a bum deal in college, began to search for knowledge from other sources. He studied books and courses that weren't on the college professor's syllabus. He attended seminars and workshops on the topics he was interested in learning more about (not those forced upon him by the so-called educators).

And guess where this generally takes the real student?

Would you believe me that oftentimes the real source of knowledge comes at the feet of an expert who never went to college - but absolutely, positively knows what works and what doesn't because he's "studied" it on his own - in his spare time and on his own dollar (not mommy and daddy's or the governments), and most importantly, he didn't just read about it, he did it.

In short, the expert to learn from is the person who attended the only valid university in the world. You've probably heard of it. It usually goes by the monikers "School of Hard Knocks" or "University on Wheels."

College, for the most part, is an excuse to move away from home, get drunk, get laid and hope that you'll figure out what to do with your life in the interim. Don't believe me? Fine. Then watch the evening news sometime and you might be surprised to see how often they cover such idiocies as fraternal hazing, pornographic web-cam sorority houses and the like.

Am I in favor of getting a college degree? Yes, I am. Have one myself. Key thing to understand, though - is that I never stopped learning after college - and I didn't depend on my college professors to give me the real scoop on what it takes to succeed in life. You won't learn it from them, that's for sure.

The best teachers I ever had were coaches. And my time in college put me in the same room with the best in the world. These men knew that success is simply a matter of goals, mental focus and action. Being in college to learn from these men was worth the entire tuition. Great coaches are the best teachers in the world.

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