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Health Products >>> Hepa Vacuums


To all my subscribers - The following was written my good friend Kevin Thompson. Kevin is one of the leading mold experts in the country today. I have included his comments on this page regarding Hepa Vacuums as no one says it better than Kevin when it comes to mold in the home. You can visit his website to get all the mold information you could ever need! I began using these same units in my cleaning business a few years ago and was amazed at how well they perform. Up until Kevin got me using them I was paying upwards of $1100 for the vacuums we were using....... Bob


"Is Your Own Vacuum Cleaner Contaminating Your Home With Black Mold Spores?"

"Confidential Report Reveals The Inside Story That The Manufacturers And Salesmen Have Been Keeping From You... Until Now!"




Dear Friend,


I've got to tell you, this subject makes me REALLY angry!


And here's why.


I've been doing cleaning and restoration since 1996, and when talking with my client's, the topic of HEPA vacuums comes up quite frequently. Yet I'm always amazed at how grossly misinformed people are.


But it's not your fault.


You're constantly being bombarded by misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information.


Using a good HEPA vacuum WILL get rid of mold spores in your air, relieve most of your allergy symptoms, and allow you to live a much more comfortable life, but you must do your research. By doing your research, and getting all the facts, you'll easily find the best HEPA vacuum, and you won't have to deal with some high-pressure salesman.


Here's a perfect real-life example...



"How Low Will A Dishonest Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Go To Make A Sale?"


About 3 years ago I got a call from one of my good clients, and she was furious with me.


I had just cleaned her carpets a couple days earlier and she was calling to tell me how dirty they still were and that she wanted her money back. She also informed me that she'd NEVER use my services again, and if I didn't give her money back, she was going to report me to the Better Business Bureau.


To make matters worse, I'd been maintaining Diane's carpets for the last 2 years, and she'd always been really happy with our work. I even had three glowing testimonials from her. So you can imagine how shocked I was to receive this phone call.


I've always had to work hard to prove myself to new clients, but once they've experienced my service, they're a client for life.


You see...


The carpet cleaning industry definitely has its share of bad apples. You probably saw the news stories a few years ago on Dateline and 20/20, so you know what I'm talking about. These few companies cast a dark shadow on the whole industry.


In order to set myself apart, I've always offered my clients a really BOLD guarantee.


Here's what it says:


"You Get The Most Thorough Cleaning EVER, Or It's FREE!"


If you're not happy with my service, you don't pay! It's that simple!


I refuse to let you pay me if you're not totally thrilled with my service. If you're not happy, I'll re-clean the area for free, and if you're still not happy, I'll refund ALL of your money.


Now once in awhile, we drop the ball, and have to refund someone's money. But since I offer this guarantee, it forces everyone in my company to stay on their toes and do a good job.


All of my clients know about my guarantee, so even if we do fail to meet their expectations, they know we'll take care of things. That's why I was surprised that Diane was so angry.


And since I did this job myself, I was really taking it personally .


I told Diane I'd come over that afternoon to take care of things.


I could tell from the moment she answered the door, there was a lot of tension between us.


I politely asked her what the problem was, and why she wasn't happy with our work this time.


She explained that a vacuum cleaner salesman had done a free demonstration in her living room and got a ton of soil out of her carpet, the day after I had been there.


I asked her if any other areas had been vacuumed, and she said, "No".


At this point, I had a good idea what was going on.


I'd already explained to Diane in the past how certain areas of the home get more wear than others. You probably have the same thing in your own home. Those areas that get the most traffic will show more wear than the areas that get less traffic.


As you walk across your carpet, soil from your shoes gets deposited into the carpet. That soil then acts like sandpaper, and wears on the carpet fibers.


That's why your carpet shows wear in hallways, in front of your favorite chair and going up staircases. It's called "abrasive wear".


That's why it's so important to vacuum regularly to remove this dry soil. Especially in your high traffic areas. By removing this soil twice a week, with a quality vacuum cleaner, you will double the life of your carpet.


I took Diane to the hallway, then got down on my hands and knees to look at the carpet. I spread the yarns apart so I could see all the way to the base of the carpet.


And just as I knew I'd find, there wasn't a bit of dry soil. After all, I'd just cleaned the carpets a couple days earlier.


I asked Diane, " If that salesman got so much soil out of the living room carpet, don't you think that since this hallway is your high traffic area, there'd be even more soil here?"


She agreed that there would.

I asked her to take a close look at the carpet with me so she could see that it was in fact clean.

As it turned out, this salesman had rigged the demonstration to try and sell his fancy HEPA vacuum cleaner.


And it worked too, because Diane spent $1,795 to buy one from him.




Now, don't get me wrong, the vacuum was a good one, but the method this salesman used was completely unethical. It was also over priced, so the salesman could make a nice commission.


I asked Diane if she'd let me call this company and invite the salesman back over to do another one of his amazing demonstrations, so I could see it for myself.


We did, and he declined .


Since the company had a 3-day cancellation policy, Diane was able to get her money back.


Why am I telling you this story?


Because I wanted to get two important points across.


1. When making ANY investment, make sure you're dealing with someone that's credible




2. Do your homework, BEFORE you spend your hard earned money



"Which Vacuum REALLY Cleans Best?"


In my line of work, I use a vacuum on a regular basis. And until 17 months ago, I'd always used the CMS vacuum system, which is made by the Amway Corporation. It was the best vacuum I'd ever used. My business owned 3 of them, and I also had one in my own home. I'd even bought one for my secretary as a thank you gift because she was so impressed with it.


My clients were always impressed too.


The CMS system has a clear canister, and when you vacuum the carpet, it looks like a whirlwind inside that canister. Not only that, you can see all the soil that's coming out of the carpet.


I'd been on many jobs where the client had just vacuumed before we arrived.


I'd always reply, "Well, let me go ahead and do it anyways, since it's included with our service."


They were always amazed at how much soil I'd get out of the carpet. And of course they'd always want to know where they could get one of those vacuums.


As soon as I told them they could get one from any Amway distributor for about $800, they'd loose interest. The fact is, as good as that vacuum was, most people just don't want to spend that much money on a vacuum cleaner.


They'd always ask me if I could recommend a system that didn't cost so much, but I had nothing to offer.


I knew I needed to find a reasonably priced vacuum to recommend for my clients. Sure, if I was a good salesman, I could probably sell those vacuums, but...



"I've NEVER Been Much Of A Salesman, Let Alone A Vacuum Cleaner Salesman"


Then I found something!


I remember this conversation like it was yesterday.


I was talking on the phone with a good friend of mine who also owns a cleaning and restoration business. I was telling him about my dilemma, and he started getting really excited.


He said, "Kevin, I was in the same exact situation, and then I found out about this incredible vacuum system and now we can't get enough of them. Our clients love these things and they're selling like hotcakes."


He definitely had my attention.


Before we hung up, he promised to send me some information so I could look it over. When I got it in the mail, I couldn't believe it.


I'd finally found the solution to my problem.


But before I tell you about it, I need to help you decide if one of these systems would even be right for you.


Let's start out by looking at the vacuum cleaner you currently own.



"Do You Own A Healthy Vacuum Cleaner?"


Hardly anyone even knows that their own vacuum cleaner can be a source of air pollution in their homes. How could something that makes the carpet look clean be polluting the air?


Yet most of the time, the air you breathe after vacuuming is dirtier than it was before you vacuumed!


Many vacuum cleaners pick up the larger particles of dirt so your carpet "looks" clean. But the smaller particles - the ones that are more dangerous to your lung tissue because they can penetrate deeper aren't even picked up by the vacuum cleaner's filter. Instead, they're shot right back out into the air, aggravating allergies and redistributing dust, mold spores, lead dust, and animal dander throughout your home.


These tiny particles will float in your breathing space for hours before settling down. Have you ever noticed that when a ray of sun shines through a window, you can see all this stuff floating in the air?


Carpets may contain dust, mold spores, pollen, animal dander, dust mites, pesticides, lead dust, asbestos, fiberglass fibers, and a ton of other pollutants. Do you really want to be breathing all that garbage?


I doubt it!



"Before You Can Invest In A Good Vacuum, You Have To Know What Makes A Vacuum Good"


So let me tell you.


Particles are measured in the vacuum's exhaust air. Some vacuums pick up these tiny particles, while most vacuums just blow them right back into your breathing space.


If a laser particle counter is placed at the exhaust air, it counts the number of particles in a cubic foot of air. If the number is very low, the vacuum cleaner is effective. If the number is high, this means the vacuum is blowing tiny particles, including mold spores, animal dander, dust mite feces, pollen, and dust right back into the air.


How many particles are discharged from a healthy vacuum cleaner compared to one that isn't healthy?


Numbers from 0-200 particulates per cubic foot are an indication that a vacuum cleaner is effective in removing most particles.


Most vacuums have numbers that are much higher. One well known allergy vacuum cleaner tested at 80,000 particulates per cubic foot. A top-of-the-line brand-name vacuum cleaner tested at 5,500,000 particulates per cubic foot.


A water-based vacuum cleaner was off the scale at over 9,999,999 particulates per cubic foot. Larger dirt particles dissolve in the water, so you see the dirty water and think the vacuum cleaner is doing a good job. But the tiniest particulates are shot out the exhaust, right back into the air for you to breathe.


Now that's scary!


But now we hear about these HEPA vacuums, and there supposed to be so much better.


"What The Heck Does "HEPA" Mean Anyways?"


"HEPA" means a filter that removes 99.97% of particulates 0.3 micrometers or larger in size.


"HEPA" stands for "high efficiency particulate arrestor."


How large is a particulate 0.3 microns in size? Here are some comparisons:


Human hair 60 - 80 microns

Dust mite waste particles 10 - 24 microns

Mold 4+ microns

Pollen 10 - 40 microns

Bacteria 0.3 - 50 microns

Asbestos (fibers) 3 - 20 microns


Particles below 10 microns are invisible to the human eye while the most common airborne particle size is 2.4 microns. 

A conventional vacuum cleaner removes particulates down to about 35 microns or larger in size. From the chart above, you can see that dust mite feces, mold, pollen, bacteria and asbestos fibers would be spewed out the exhaust of an conventional vacuum cleaner. 


"HEPA" means various things to different manufacturers. Many times, there may be a HEPA filter, but there are leaks elsewhere in the chassis of the vacuum cleaner.


Many vacuum cleaners that sound as if they have HEPA filters really don't. Read the ads closely. You will see words such as "HEPA-like" or "removes 99.97% of particles 5 micrometers in size." 5 micrometers is about 17 times as large as 0.3 micrometers.


In addition to having a good filter, it is important for an allergy vacuum cleaner to have a sealed unit. It does little good for particles to be stopped by a HEPA filter, only to be exhausted through openings in the vacuum housing.


Note: If you have a whole house vacuum system, you DON"T need to buy another vacuum cleaner. This system is still the best for indoors, because no exhaust is vented into your home. Of course, after filtration, some exhaust is blown into the outside air. Just don't allow this type of vacuum system be vented into the basement or garage. The exhaust vent needs to lead out of the home.


While a whole house system is still the best to own, the cost does make it prohibitive for many people. You can spend thousands of dollars for one of these systems, although you may decide it's worth it.



"What If You Could Get A Top Of The Line HEPA Vacuum System For Less Than $435.00?"


Well now you can.


Let me tell you about this amazing system.


It's the Hoover Commercial Bagless HEPA Twin Chamber , and I guarantee that you've never seen anything like this. Since it's a commercial model, you can't get it in stores. In fact, unless you have a personal friend who owns a cleaning and restoration business, you'd never even be able to get your hands on one of these vacuums.


I owe it to my friend Brett in Missouri for telling me about this incredible vacuum. I've been using it myself and recommending it to my clients for over 17 months now. I even bought one for my own home.


This system has impressed me so much more than anything else I've ever used in the past. (even the CMS model from Amway, which cost twice as much) And since I've been using this vacuum on the job, my clients have been buying a ton of them.


I don't even try to stock them anymore, I just have them drop shipped directly from the distributor.


I know, I know...


You're thinking to yourself, "Wait a minute Kevin, you said you weren't much of a salesman, and couldn't sell vacuum cleaners."


And you're right. But I don't even try to sell them.


Once my clients see how well this vacuum works, and find out how inexpensive it is, they can't get their checkbooks out fast enough.


Because I've been selling so many of them to my local clients, the distributor gave me a great price on them. I can get them for only $430.98 . (update - click the image below for an even BETTER price!).


But that's not all...


This entire vacuum meets HEPA standards, and not just the filter. The vacuum is completely sealed to prevent dust from escaping back into the air through leaks in the vacuum.


Hoover allergy vacuum cleaners have stood the test of time. The exhausts have always registered extremely low levels of particles when measured with a laser particle counter. 


The Hoover Commercial Bagless HEPA Twin Chamber is easy-to use and comes with a complete set of accessories for furniture, mattresses, drapes, and clothing. Powerful suction ensures deep down cleaning of carpeting and floor crevices. The unit has heavy-duty wheels and steel axles designed to provide maximum stability and easy maneuverability.


This light-weight vacuum cleaner has a 3-stage filtration process. The exhaust air coming out of the vacuum is virtually dust-free.


From the tough, impact-resistant plastic exterior, to the industrial quality motor, to the individually tested HEPA-filter, each vacuum is designed to last. Hoover even backs it with a one-year commercial warranty.


But that's still not the best part.



"You'll NEVER Get A Guarantee Like This From Anyone Else, EVER!"



Here's the deal!


If you're not completely thrilled with this vacuum, just send it back to me. I don't care if it's in 1 week, 2 months or 3 years. And I don't care what the reason is. You'll NEVER even have to tell me why.


I KNOW how great this vacuum is, and I know what it will do for you. That's why I'm willing to guarantee it forever.


So, with that said, if you feel that you'll benefit by owning one of these vacuums, then you need to take me up on my offer right now!


I look forward to helping you.




Kevin Thompson

The Nations Mold Solutions Expert


P.S. You will NOT find this commercial system in stores. If it wasn't for my good friend Brett, who knows the distributor personally, I wouldn't even be able to offer it to you.



Order your Hoover Commercial Hepa Vacuum today!


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