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Hey Doc,

interesting story about cancer on the t.v. news tonight here in adelaide south australia. one of the hospitals are giving people with various types of cancer , high protein diets and ''surprise,surprise'' high doses of fish oil before and after they have chemo. they found that most people tend to lose weight because after chemo they have no interest in food , one guy lost 30 kilo before going to hospital but got it back in hospital and looks like he may be clear of cancer of the pancreas, the story may be in the paper in the morning, if it is I'll send you a copy or give you the web address.
Les Nicks, South Australia

Dear Doctor,

I use that term with great annoyance for the Med School that ever granted you your degree. I read your series on Fish oil and cancer and I have to say. YOU ARE A QUACK!!! Of the worst kind. You will say and do anything to sell your product. Have you no shame! You are preying on desperate and helpless people who should be staying close to the fold of proven and scientific medicine not falling victim to charlatans like you! If it was up to me, I'd yank your license and throw you in jail!
Frederick J Bowles - A REAL Doctor (yes, I am an Oncologist!)

Ah yes, another "Love letter"!

In brief response to Dr. Bowles comments I will say that my medical degree comes from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. and as of this writing they have not asked me to give it back.

As to the allegation that I will do anything to sell my product, this is not true. I won't bother to even attempt to convince anyone who is an absolute moron to take it because it will not help cure idiocy!

I wonder whether this gentleman's' comments are borne out of a worry that Fish Oil may actually prevent enough cancers to put him out of a Job!

AS to the rest of the allegations I will let the research do the talking as I always do.

It never ceases to amaze me how many doctors are threatened by what I write.

Even worse Most of my emails have several references plainly printed for all to see. At least someone could read them before they launch into a series of accusations.

After all doctors are all about "Evidence based medicine" Right?!!

The DAILY Health Articles & News Update is MUST reading. Best of all it's free. Sign up now.

These emails point out some of the frustration I go through every day.

That is, the underutilization of Fish Oil and other natural substances by Oncologists and other doctors who are fighting cancer.

Let me be blunt. I have often wanted to write an article refuting the long held medical truism that anti oxidants are bad for cancer patients because they might fight the oxidative effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

This is completely irrational to me.

Every oncologist and most other doctors know that cancer cells are not governed by the same growth mechanisms that regular non cancerous cells are.

And, let's face it chemo and a radiation are basically poison to healthy cells.

Why not give patients an additional boost in the fight against cancer by protecting normal cells while augmenting the effects of the chemo and radiation.

Fish Oil has been shown to do just that!

Add to that the studies that show it helps reduce and treat Colon, Breast, prostate, and lymphoma as well as other cancers and you'd wonder why an Oncologist didn't create Dr Dave's Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil!

In addition to all of the anti-cancer effects I talked about in the miniseries on cancer a few months ago, Fish Oil also helps combat one of the biggest problems facing cancer patients: Cachexia!

Cachexia refers to a wasting state that occurs in many people as heir cancer advances.

You see cancer is a parasite that ultimately if not cured or arrested will kill it host. It diverts all of the nutrition in the body to its own needs and grows in unrestrained fashion while suppressing the person's appetite.

Fish Oil directly counteracts that.

In healthy people Fish Oil is an excellent way to improve or maintain lean body mass because it actually primes the fat burning pump.

Copyright 2004


Editor's Note:

The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This article is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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