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Hair Loss In Women

The devastating effects of hair loss for women

For many men, experiencing hair loss can be very stressful and worrying. However, for women, the impact of hair loss can be even worse. Hair loss is commonly associated with men but in actual fact it is also extremely common amongst women as well.

For women of any age, hair loss can be upsetting. This is because it can have a serious impact not only on their appearance but on many different areas of their lives. A woman's hair is usually an important part of her identity, and hair loss can therefore change the way some women think, feel, and behave.

Some of the effect of hair loss on women

Whilst hair loss can have a serious effect on both men and women, it is often women who feel the most devastated by this condition. Some of the effects that hair loss can have on women include:

  • Low confidence and self esteem: Loss of hair for women can cause real issues with low confidence and self esteem.


  • Social situations: Hair loss can affect the way women talk to people, the way they behave around people, and how they mix in social situations.


  • Self image: A woman's hair is an important her overall appearance and image. Therefore, loss of hair can result in serious issues with self image.


  • Relationships: Hair loss can also have a damaging effect on a woman's relationship with her partner, which is a knock on effect of the low confidence and self esteem that stem from the hair loss.


  • Social life: Many women who suffer hair loss are so embarrassed and depressed about the situation that they withdraw into a shell, thus shutting themselves off from friends and even family.


These are just some of the damaging effects that hair loss can have on women, particularly younger women who tend to be more focused on their image.


Addressing your hair loss issues

As a woman, you can address your hair loss issues in exactly the same way as a man who is experiencing similar issues. You can even find quality hair restoring products that are designed for use by women, and which can help to reverse the hair loss cycle and stimulate growth of new hair. This means that you do not have to simply put up with hair loss and let it ruin your life you can take action to reverse the situation.











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