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The Myth of Growth Hormone


As an anti-aging expert , I get a lot of questions about Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

I have by virtue of the type of medicine I practice, extensive experience with it.

My clients include young and old, world famous athletes and weekend warriors.

All of them have one thing in common: they want more of the good life. It would be a gross overstatement to say that HGH by itself is the fountain of youth.

There is however no doubt that I have seen some amazing changes in people's looks and actions and behaviors as a result of therapy.

I have seen gobs of fat loss, better memories, increased muscle size, better sex drive, and more intelligence and creativity.

I have also seen diabetes, arthritis, fluid accumulations and carpal tunnel syndrome and some even more serious complications.

I have seen bodybuilders overdose on it and develop kidney failure, blindness and diabetes..

The bottom line is there are some incredible benefits to REAL HGH therapy, but it is a double edged sword that should only be managed by someone with experience.

The dangers and the inconvenience of giving yourself shots, along with the hassles of going to a doctor and the expense of Growth Hormone itself has led to a multi-billion dollar industry in GH secretagogues and analogs.

In English, things that increase the secretion of growth Hormone, and things that the body" thinks " are Growth Hormone and responds to as if they were Growth Hormone.

"The Hercules Factor , the Absolute Unadulterated Truth About Growth Hormone" is My CD which discusses all of the benefits and dangers of HGH supplementation.

I cover the real deal, injectable HGH, and many of the secretagogues and analogs as well.

In this CD you will gain the benefit of thousands of hours of research and clinical experience that only someone such as myself who uses I everyday in his/her clinical practice can provide you with.

One important note: HGH is being used for more and more clinical syndromes as well as for anti-aging therapy. This coupled with the fact that it is due to go off patent soon, lowering the price means it is in far more futures that you think.

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In other words, you may be wondering why YOU need to know about it.

So far a lot of what I have written about and predicted has come true.

Yesterday's email about increased intelligence in children taking fish oil was treated as absolute nonsense by the medical community when I first wrote about it over a year ago. Now it is proven.

I predict that HGH will be front page medical news within 3 years. I also predict that it will be used for dozens of medical conditions that are being treated by conventional means right now.

Currently there are approximately 500,000 people in the country on HGH therapy and several million who are on or who have tried analogs and secretagogues in the recent past.

There is a much greater chance than you think that is in your future too, especially if you are interested in staying, playing and acting young as long as possible.

I guarantee that when you have listen to this unique 2 disc CD you will know more about HGH and the supplements that stimulate it than 95% of people in this country, including most doctors!

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