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How To Fight The Flu Without Taking The Flu Shot

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

I don't know about you but I find it incredible that the greatest nation on Earth has to grovel to its "allies" France and Germany to get enough flu shots to cover its most needy population: the elderly and infirm.

Let's look for a second at the root of this problem.

You really don't need to go further than drug company greed to find the answers.

When asked why we can't come up with enough vaccine to make up for the foreign stuff that was tainted, the answer is: "There is not enough profit margin for American drug companies to make the vaccine.

How telling.

So now we still wind up going to foreign sources albeit different ones to get vaccine.

We have yet to be sure these are not also tainted!

This is not the first time this nonsense has happened.

Two years ago there was another shortage.

I remember it well.

Long lines angry people of all age groups, pushing and shoving and a few fist fights.

Not a good scene!

And then there was last year. If you recall they put the wrong strains in the vaccine. I can tell you a whole thundering herd of people got very sick and several died in my immediate area because of this!

This really undermined my faith in the whole flu vaccine.

Now this year we again have a shortage.

You tell me! Does this smell a little like a conspiracy to drive the price of vaccines up or what?

A lot of other people are fed up as well.

I have been getting a common question these days: " Doc is there anything other than the vaccine we can do to protect ourselves?"

Of course there is lots you can do and I will share it with you now.

Some of the most basic advice holds, but not everyone will be able to do it.

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#1 Stay out of crowds once the flu has been identified in your area. Usually this is around the Christmas Holidays and soon after. Nursing homes are particular hotbeds for flu activity because so many of the people are weak and have poor immunity to begin with.

#2 Avoid other gatherings once the flu has been identified in your area. That means indoor events particularly like concerts and other large gatherings of people.

#3 Keep your diet as healthy as possible and supplement with vitamins if you need to make up for inadequacies in your diet.

#4 Get your rest! Sleep deprivation taxes the immune system and raises cortisol levels in the body while decreasing immune building Growth Hormone and sex steroid secretion.

#5 Don't overtrain. If you are an athlete and are in an area where flu has been identified, don't do repeated super strenuous workouts without allowing adequate recovery time. This is especially true if you are an Endurance Athlete.

#6 The nasal vaccine may be an option but there are age limitations on this so consult your local physician to find out.

Finally, last year I offered a Winter Flu Fighter combo pack consisting of my Fish Oil and Regenerizer to boost the immune system. When the season was over, I got a lot of "Thank You " letters from people who had gotten through the season without the shot by using these products.

This year we have another addition to that line up, Instant Endurance.

You see there is scientific evidence to support the use of every one of my compounds to boost the immune system.

Fish Oil has been shown to modulate and improve host immunity to both viral and bacterial compounds.

Co Q10, DHEA and Malic acid have all been shown to have anti-viral activity making Regenerizer an good choice to maintain your health during the coming viral season,

Finally the compounds that make up Instant Endurance are used extensively in China and the Far East to fight multiple different types of viruses including hepatitis, HIV and SARS.

So if you don't get the vaccine which I still recommend you try to do, you can still boost your immunity and lessen the chances of illness during the up coming season with anyone or better yet all of these compounds.

While you are enjoying better health, you can rest assured that your most likely also improving the biochemistry of your heart, brain, muscles and memory as well.

This means you can be frolicking through the winter enjoying great health and vitality and all the joy it brings to your life.

Personally if I don't get the flu vaccine which is a real possibility because of the absolute nonsense surrounding its distribution, I won't be too worried.

Not a day goes by without Fish Oil Regenerizer and Instant Endurance fighting in my corner for better health.

Copyright 2004


Editor's Note:

The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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