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Feeding Fish Fish Oil

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

I really thought I had seen it all.

Now this.

In a bizarre but laudable effort the Fish Farming Industry as acknowledged that farm raised fish do not contain the same healthy Omega 3 content as their ocean going cousins.

Once again, Mother Nature knows best.

Ocean going fish feed on other ocean going fish in the long food chain that winds up at our tables.

The problem with farm raised fish is that they do not get "wild" food.

They are fed the same types of meal that our cattle are fed these days; large amounts of Omega 6 plant derived material.

The net result is about the same in farm raised fish as it is in cattle. Their flesh provides a larger amount of Omega 6 inflammatory fatty acids than it should, and a much smaller amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.

This is why free range beef is healthier for you. While it still contains a fair amount of saturated fat, at least it has much more Omega 3's culled from a natural diet.

In both industries there have been rumblings of supplementing both diets with fish oil.

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Since cows are more plant eaters it is not clear whether the cows can absorb the Fish Oil the way it should.

But in the case of farmed fish there is no doubt.

Thus the fish farming industry has begun to feed its fish Fish Oil capsules to restore the health giving benefits of its product.

Unfortunately they have not figured out a way to effectively remove all the pollutants from the water that is used in these fish farms.

Recent studies have shown that there is more mercury lead etc. in farm raised fish than ocean going fish as well.

Truthfully about the only thing farm raised fish has going for it is that it's cheaper.

With this in mind I want to salute our deep sea fishermen who literally risk their lives to provide us with Wild Ocean going fish.

I have nothing against fish farmers. I applaud their efforts to return benefits to their product.

Research has shown that having enough Fish Oil in your blood stream can reduce the risk of heart attack by a whopping 40% and the risk of sudden death from heart attack by 90%. I wonder if Mr. Clinton is taking his fish oil!

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