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Big Heart Disease News from the FDA

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I have to admit most of the time I look at what the Food and Drug Administration puts out with regards to supplements and say to myself "DUH!!! We've known that for years."

I have to give them some credit however for their latest move. But there is Still a "DUH"!! moment in the latest info release here it is.

The FDA's commissioner Dr Lester Crawford stated that Omega 3 fatty acids could confer protection against heart disease and that Americans should begin to evaluate the food content of EPA and DHA the 2 most important Omega 3 fatty acids. DUH!

What really pleased me was a quote from the same article, ""Also, it is important that the FDA emphasized long chain not short chain fatty acids. "Long chain omega 3 fatty acids from fish/fish oil are more beneficial than short chain fatty acids from flax, canola, soy or walnuts."

It's always nice to get independent confirmation from an outside source to back up what you say.

I often get "love letters" from flax and canola fans.

Many of you are familiar with the "information" put out recently by one of the well known health guru who sells flax oil called the "Fish Oil Farce".

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In this "document" the physician in question touted the benefits of flax and belittled Fish Oil.

One of my customers read my email, looked at all of the proof that Fish Oil has in the Scientific literature, and the lack of it for Flax and said of the doc who wrote it, "It kind of makes you wonder!"

And well it should. My suggestion is that when someone puts out nonsense they should be rewarded for it by a massive loss of business.

That of course may be the reason why this person put out that article, because their business is being flushed down the tubes by the growing awareness of Fish Oil's many benefits and the scientific proof behind them.

Look for the next wave of food supplementation to be the addition of Omega 3 fatty acids to all kinds of products, butters, spreads, eggs and as feed for chickens and cattle.

Fish Oil is here to stay!

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Editor's Note:

Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article. Do not stop or change any medicines you are taking without the expressed consent of your own personal physician.

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