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Fatty Acid Balance, Is It Necessary?

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Question: Is a balanced Approach to Essential Fatty Acids Needed?

Dr Dave,

I have been reading your stuff for a while now. I am a bit confused. I take an Omega 3, 6, 9 supplements that was recommended at the local health food store. You seem to be against this. Why?

R. Jefferies Marina del Ray, Ca.

Well, we are in for a relatively short article here. This question comes up again and aging so it's important to address it.

First lets look at essential fatty acids. They are essential because they cannot be made by the body, they have to be gotten in the diet.

As such both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential.

The problem is in the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6's.

If you simplify the fatty acid biosynthesis chain what you see is 2 very important end points.

Omega 3's end up as EPA . From EPA DHA can be made (or consumed in the diet as well).

EPA is the focal point for all anti-inflammatory fatty acids, ecosanoids and prostaglandins ( messengers and by products of EPA).

Omega 6's wind up as a chemical called Arachadonic Acid. It is the focal point for many inflammatory mediators in the body.

Our current diet gives us anywhere form 20 to 30X as much Omega 6 as we need to keep the all important Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio balanced.

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30X as much Omega 6, 30X as much inflammation as we need!

Again inflammation has finally been recognized as the main contributor to many of the disease of aging which include vascular dysfunction ( heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease), Alzheimer's, asthma, allergies, memory loss to name a few.

What about Omega 9's? Omega 9's like olive oil are nonessential oils. They can be made into Omega 6's or Omega 3's but this is not an efficient way to get them.

This is similar to the story for flax oil. As an 18 carbon fatty acid, it has to be converted to the human 21 carbon chain from. Very inefficient and unnecessary.

Bottom line, fish Oil is by far the best, and only fatty acid supplement you'll ever need!

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Editor's Note:

The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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