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How Many Times Should You Exercise Each Week?

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author of "Combat Conditioning"

The subject of today's tip could very well be called, "How to Cause Confusion." Let me explain:

Last week when I sent out the tip entitled, "Maximize Your Metabolism With Major Muscle Movements" - I neglected to put one two-letter word into the mix, and this led to an onslaught of emails.

Here's what I "should" have written -

"As for Hindu pushups, Hindu squats and bridging, you can do them daily OR you can do them 3x per week. Just vary the intensity level of each workout. It's not smart to strive for your maximum best each day."

My apologies on this. I wrote it while in "new baby stupor."

Now, I realize some of you want me to give you the ABSOLUTES on everything. I realize that when I say, "take your pick, you can train 3 times per week with Combat Conditioning, or you can do it everyday" - some people will get pissed and think I'm not answering their question.

But I am. Understand, first and foremost, YOU are making the decision, not me. You are the one who decides what you will do with your life, not me. You are the one who either accepts or rejects what I have to say.

Second, I can tell you to train everyday, and you may say, "Nah, I'd rather do it three times a week." And if I said train three times per week, some might say, "But I heard two times a week is better. That's what Bubba says." And if I say train one day a week, you'll say, "But I know a program where they recommend only training once a month."

Laugh all you want. But it's true...

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And so, my solution to it all is to give you options. Train everyday or Train 3x a week. Take your pick.

I do not advise going below three times per week. I mean, if you had a dog would you recommend that he only "move" 2x a week? Or less? I don't think so. But with some people, ya never know. Maybe someone right now, who previously figured out that your dog needs breath mints and a day at the spa - will come up with some machine that will exercise your dog so he won't have to. Maybe there already is such a machine.

As an aside, last November, when I was in Beijing for a few days, I took delight in how many of the dogs had on winter clothing. I wanted to laugh - but then I checked the temperature. Twas a cold evening and if I were a dog (or as the Chinese would say during Mao's time - a "running dog"), I'd probably want a jacket, too.

And now, for the ultimate "monkey wrench." If you want, you can actually train 2x per DAY.

In fact, you could even get off your "arse" 3x a day and - DO SOME- THING.

Did you know that during my high school and collegiate career, I trained 3x a day, everyday? That was nine straight years of 3x per day training (first year in college was a red-shirt year).

In the olden days, fitness pioneers such as Paul Bragg, Charles Atlas, Earle Liderman, etc. - recommended you do something twice a day. Get up in the morning, do some deep breathing exercises. Or some isometrics. Or some calisthenics. Or swimming, running, walking up hills. Something.

Then at night, before retiring, DO something again.

The workouts need not be long. 15 minutes is really all you need. But guess what those 15 minutes give you? They give you TWO hours of increased productivity. TWO HOURS.

Don't know about you, but with the slate I have each day, I will do 15 minutes worth of exercise to get back 2 hours. It's a no- brainer - even for a "jock" like me.

Now, just think if it were "money" we were talking about.

Would you spend 15 dollars if you knew you'd get 120 dollars in return? I know I would.

Copyright, Gold Medal Publications, Inc 2004


Editor's Note:

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