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 Exercise Articles & News

 The Abdominal Training Secrets Interview with
With Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS
And David Grisaffi, CHEK, CFT, PN

My Less-Than-Humble Opinion About Weight Training

Recently an angry reader of my daily Combat Conditioning tips sent an email, calling me every name in the book, accusing me of playing up the weight training injury scenario for 'marketing purposes' only and... Read Entire Article

How To Get More Results With Less Cardio

If I had a dime for every time I've heard the following question, my house would be filled with them. Here it is: "Matt, your exercises are great - but what about... Read Entire Article

7 Ways To Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Thought I'd pass this along to you because it can really cut through the... Read Entire Article

Fitting Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

Do you know about the benefits of exercise and the risks of inactivity, yet still find it difficult to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle? If so, you are... Read Entire Article

How to Get "Cardio" Without Doing Aerobic Training

Most people think there is only one true method for getting good cardiovascular exercise in, and it usually involves... Read Entire Article

The One Workout That Changed My Life Forever

Despite the fact that he only weighed 250 pounds, he was the first and only person to hoist the humongous Andre the Giant - who weighed well over 450 pounds, and toss him through... Read Entire Article

Should You EVER Do Cardio?

For people just starting a fitness regimen, sprints are too intense. It is better for them to begin with... Read Entire Article

How Many Times Should You Exercise Each Week?

Now, I realize some of you want me to give you the ABSOLUTES on everything. I realize that when I say, "take your pick, you can train 3 times per week with... Read Entire Article

Getting Started With Sprints

Running HILL sprints (as opposed to sprints on flat ground) helps dramatically reduce the chance of a hamstring pull because it is much harder to... Read Entire Article

Strength Training Secrets Revealed

Four years ago, a recently graduated "college boy" attended one of my seminars on the strength training exercises of Combat Conditioning. He seemed like a somewhat intelligent kid - until he opened his mouth, that is... Read Entire Article

What The Grizzly Bear Knows About Fitness
I absolutely love to watch bears. I love to watch them fish, eat, fight and play. I also believe there is much we can learn about fitness by... Read Entire Article

Hotel Bedroom Exercises

I've been at this hotel for three days now. So inside my room I exercise. I do the Hindu squats and pushups, no problem. But what about the bridging? How do I do that in the hotel? I especially need this exercise on the road because... Read Entire Article

5 Things You Can Do To Maximize Metabolism

The best exercises for cranking up your body's metabolism are NOT barbell or dumbbell curls, tricep kickbacks, pec deck, leg extensions, leg curls, lat pulldowns and a host of... Read Entire Article

The Most Neglected Muscle In The Body

Then, all of a sudden, after about five weeks, he started to miss exercise appointments. Despite my "rah rah" talks with him his behavior... Read Entire Article

Sprint Like a Cheetah - And Get Fit, Fast

First of all, the cheetah's body and it's speed is designed for one purpose: survival. In order to avoid starvation, the cheetah must... Read Entire Article

The Secrets of Strong, Powerful Shoulders Revealed

Failure to do natural bodyweight movements that strengthen the shoulders is part of the reason that... Read Entire Article

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