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A Little Extra $$$$ Can  Equal Less STRESS!!

By: Bob Cairns

It is pretty common knowledge that stress can lead to health problems. What is the number one stress factor today ---- not enough money!!!!! Most of us are busy working - raising kids - paying the bills (we hope) and gathering more and more stress. We all think " a little more money would go a long way". Maybe a few extra bucks for a well needed vacation - or to make the car payment - or even just to hire a babysitter for a few hours to go out to dinner!


What To Do ?
"But Bob, you don't understand. I have a job, I'm busy - I don't have time to even get a part time job or start a business".

Well, I got to thinking about this and what people (myself included) could do. I am big believer in the Multiple Streams of Income System. If you ever get a chance - read the book by that name written by Robert Allen. The big question becomes - how can I get another stream of income. Well I am going to tell you - at least one of the things that I do. I know lots of people look into network marketing, MLM or whatever they are calling it these days. Most go no further due to the negative reputation MLM has (the Amway syndrome I call it). Personally I think network marketing is a great way to get into your own business but that is not what I am talking about here. I was watching CNBC the other day and they had a special on ebay. Now I sell lots of "stuff" on ebay and I have lots of friends and family come to me to sell "stuff" for them. They actually have stores that will do that now. Did you know that lots of people make a full time living on ebay? Many more make a part time living also - and I gotta tell you - it really is easy. Ebay is becoming HUGE and will be global before long (something not to be ignored). If you think ebay is just a bunch of people getting rid of "junk" you are very mistaken! But how to start? Well you could clean out the basement or attic, put some "stuff" on ebay and see what happens but that will never lead to any steady part time money. That is a great way to start though. There is nothing cooler than watching a bunch of bids coming up on those old baseball cards you haven't looked at in 20 years! I recently sold a butter dish and gravy boat that we never used from an old set of dishes - a few years ago they would have been in the trash for sure!                                     

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There is lots of great information out there on Ebay and I recently found a pretty good one. It is packed with great information and under $30! It is a great place to start. Now don't just say yeah, yeah - whatever. Start today - start now - lower your stress - make a few extra bucks - it's fun - I promise! Who knows - you may end up like the guy they profiled on CNBC that brings in over $800,000 selling movies on ebay!

So - check it out. Click Here!  And get started making some stress reliever coupons - and good luck.

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This "regular guy" from Nebraska raked in $8 MILLION last year selling everyday goods on eBay!

Brandon Dupsky

Brandon Dupsky got his start selling "useless" stuff he found in his basement on eBay -- and now he's making $22,000+ a DAY!

For the first time ever, you can duplicate the *exact* system he used to earn $8 million last year alone -- and start your own highly profitable eBay business!

This system contains every tip, strategy, and secret Brandon knows for locating hot products to sell on eBay... buying tons of stock CHEAP from suppliers so you can flip it for huge profits... writing eBay ads that attract tons of bids... and more!

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And if you are one of the few people on earth that are not signed up - jump on over to eBay! and sign up (put some fishing gear up and I'll probably buy it!)


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