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Deadly Blood Sugars


Many of you are already taking Regenerizer for its amazing benefits in sexual potency, energy, athletic support and mental clarity, but you may not know of all the good things you could be doing for your future health by taking it.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in this country. Over 17 million have this condition and the occurrence of this illness is going to almost double in the next 50 years!

There are two kinds of diabetes, Type 1(insulin dependent) and type 2 Non insulin dependant.

Of these two, Type 2 is by far the most common. The number of people who have it is related to the aging of our population. But sadly, we are seeing more and more of it in younger and younger people too.

By far the biggest cause of this type is plain old obesity. No question about it losing weight would help a lot of people.

But it seems as we age the powerhouses of our cells the mitochondria get old too. When this happens they may not generate enough "Juice" to cause the cells that make and secrete insulin, the hormone that lowers blood sugar to work any more.

A weakness in these intracellular power plants can also affect the way a cell responds to insulin.

It also causes fatigue and difficulty losing weight.

All of this leads to potentially treatable and preventable type of type 2 diabetes.

Why is high blood sugar so bad in Type 2 (or type 1) diabetes? Well there are a lot of reasons but let's just focus on the main ones.

First a high blood sugar causes the mechanisms inside the cell to get "sticky". Imagine if you spilled a soda on the floor and didn't wipe it up for a day. When you stepped in, your foot would stick. Same thing with the machinery in our cells.

Next is our old friend inflammation. High blood sugar causes the chemicals of inflammation to go up in our body. This leads to bad things like clogged arteries.

Finally the sugar can directly attach to nerves; poisoning them and making them not work. The result is numbness and loss of control of the feet that leads to falls and infections that you don't even feel!

Net result: more heart attacks, more strokes, more gangrene and amputations, more blindness and kidney failure leading to dialysis!

By now I'd imagine that 50% of you are saying, "I don't want that!!!" And the other 50% are saying, "So what, I don't have that now so who cares!"

To the first group I'd say,"You are right!"

To the other group I'd say," Careful!! This is a disease of aging that starts WAY before your sugar ever goes up!!!

When I want to see how soon or how likely someone is to get diabetes I check a blood test called the Fasting Insulin.

Not many Doctors use it yet but in time as with everything I've told you it's likely to become standard.

Let me give you an example of the typical kind of patient I see...

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H. W. is 52 years old 5'6" tall and 230 lbs. His body fat is around 40% and his chief compliant is fatigue.

On "typical doctor testing" his labs are all normal with the exception of a predictably elevated Cholesterol and blood fat (triglyceride).

To me this man's complaints and appearance were diabetes waiting to happen. Even though his blood sugar was totally normal I got a fasting insulin on him.

Remember all labs establish normal based on the population of people they see.

In my area there are a lot of obese people and the "Normal' for fasting insulin is 6 to 17 units.

The normal for Anti-Aging values is less than 5. My own fasting insulin is 3.5.

This fellow had a fasting insulin of 56!!!.

I told him he was in my eyes already diabetic. There is no way all of the bad things that a high sugar can do hadn't already started in H.W. His fatigue was a symptom of this.

Well I counseled him on a low glycemic index diet, exercise and put him on Regenerizer.

Studies have shown that the individual ingredients in Regenerizer boost the mitochondrial function and lead to improved sugar control as well as many other health benefits I'll tell you about in future issues.

Most recently a series of studies have shown that Co enzyme Q 10 if used in high enough doses can boost mitochondrial function and better the response to high sugars.

This can potentially relieve many of the problems associated with diabetes. Same thing with Carnitene and same thing with DHEA. All of them have been shown to improve sugar control through multiple pathways.

Naturally H.W.'s fasting insulin dropped as a result of Regenerizer, diet , and insulin.

Now no one has ever done a study to see just how many people are running around out there with abnormal fasting insulins. But I can tell you from my own experience its TON OF PEOPLE, most of who have no idea that they have this condition and are heading towards the complications associated with diabetes, BLINDNESS, KIDNEY FAILURE AND AMPUTATION.

M.P. was not as lucky as H. W. M. left me after many years because he was " Tired of hearing me bust his chops about his weight and diabetes!"

I had tried for many years to convince this guy that he was heading towards disaster. At 300+ pounds he sedentary and he was another setup for diabetes. I had many fasting insulins on him that ranged from 30 when he was "behaving" to 60 when he was "bad".

Since his fasting blood sugar and another "typical doctor test" called the HbA1C which is basically a way to look at sugars over a 6 week period of time were normal, he refused to believe he had a problem.

He went to another doctor who told him repeatedly he did not have diabetes.

Well he got it one day and went down hill very fast!. Last time I saw him he had one rubber leg and was working on getting the second one cut off!

He had steadfastedly refused any supplements like Regenerizer to loose weight and help control his blood sugars. He thought that all supplements were a "racket".

While he has changed his mind about all that and is now on y fish oil and Regenerizer, there is no supplement that will give him back his legs.

His eyes are starting to go too.

These are but 2 sad examples I have to share with you. There are many more.

Some of these people are only mildly overweight. Some of them aren't' even heavy!

So before you get cocky about your chances with this awful disease, consider what life would be like blind, or missing a limb, or on dialysis.

I would suggest you get your doctor to check you fasting Insulin, and if it's not below 6, spring into action with diet, exercise and proper supplementation.

Type 2 diabetes is like so many other disease of aging very preventable. And like so many other illness that destroy our lives when we get older, it begins long before the typical laboratory studies show anything! It begins just like heart disease, when we are still young!

Please don't wait for the problems before you protect yourself!

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Editor's Note:


The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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