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12 Reasons Why Fish Oil is Essential for Building Muscle and Cutting Fat

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Today’s Question: “I’ve heard that Fish Oil is Effective in Body building Routines. Is this True?

Answer: Yes it is.

Here’s Why:

1) In the old days CLA’s or conjugated Linoleic Acids were recommended for body builders. Some people actually still recommend them although this is getting less and less common as people get educated as to what these fats do.

2) The good fats in the body are referred to as Omega 3 or Linolenic acids.

3) In Human beings, fats and other nutrients are called “ESSENTIAL” when they cannot be make by the body. We depend on our diets to provide them, since we cannot make them from other raw materials. Without them you die.

4) The end point for many of the fats we consume is a group of compounds called “ecosanoids”.

5) Ecosanoids are very potent hormone like substances in the body. The end point of bad fats is called Arachadonic acids. It is a powerful chemical that causes inflammation and free radical generation. Because we get so much of it in our diets these days it becomes a “bad” compound.

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6) Good fats wind up being converted into a compound called EPA which is, you guessed it, one of the 2 fats in fish oil. So there you have it Fish oil already represent the end point of good fat metabolism, no changes needed. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compound. Most of us don’t get nearly enough to balance out the “bad” fats. It is this imbalance that probably contributes to heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, depression, ADD, to name just a few!

7) OK so how does it help body builders? Well look at the list that the CLA’s can contribute to. Oxidation and inflammation are not very helpful in building strong bodies!

8) Fish Oil has powerful effects on HGH and testosterone which are the cornerstones of effective body building.

9) Fish Oil improves oxygen delivery to the cells maximizing their efficiency in workouts.

10) Fish oil’s ability to reduce inflammation means you recover faster. Remember muscles grow during recovery.

11) Fish Oil can improve joint health thereby acting like an injury buffer.

12) If you are serious about making the most of your athletic potential you need to be on this compound.

In fact as recently as March 2004 Physicalmag recommended 5 to 10 salmon oil capsules a day for optimum muscle development. (pg 42).

So, no matter if you are a Combat athlete, an Endurance athlete, a Strength athlete or just an all around fitness buff Fish Oil is truly an ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID for your maximum achievement!

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Editor's Note:


Notify your own doctor of all herbal and nutraceutical supplements you are taking and let him/her be your guide, even if they have no clue about the subject!!!!

Do not stop or change any medicines you are taking without the expressed consent of your own personal physician.

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