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Know What Your Carpet Warranty Covers

By: Kevin Thompson
The Nations Black Mold Solutions Expert

Thereís much confusion about the stain resistant carpets being sold in todayís market. If you havenít taken the time to learn what your particular carpet warranty requires of you as far as maintenance, itís critical that you find out.

There are four major types of Stainmaster carpet: Dupont-Stainmaster, Montsano-Gold and Silver Labels with Stainblocker, Allied Chemical-Anso V Worry Free and 3M-Stain Release. In spite of the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent to promote these products, and in spite of what the consumer may believe, or what they may have been told by a salesperson, these carpets are not ďbullet proof.Ē

The carpet does in fact need to be maintained. In fact, the warranties for all of these carpets require regular maintenance, by a certified cleaning technician. If you own a stain resistant carpet, and donít have a warranty in your possession for your particular brand, you need to get a copy of the warranty from the retailer who sold you the carpet, and read it!

If you do have a copy of the warranty, but have not yet read it, do so now! You need to know whatís required by you, the homeowner, in order to keep your warranty in effect.

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The information you get from retailers and other sources may not always be correct. If you have any doubts at all, consult your warranty. Shaw Industries now REQUIRES that you have their carpets steam cleaned by a certified technician at least once a year. Dupont currently recommends once a year, but as time goes on, more and more manufacturers are following suit with Shaw and requiring minimum yearly maintenance.

And make no mistake; the manufacturers will not even consider honoring their wear warranties if you canít provide proof of regular yearly maintenance. So always know what your warranty requires of you.

The carpet needs to be cleaned by a trained, qualified carpet care professional on a regular basis, which is every 6-12 months in most situations. The protective coating also needs to be re-applied on a regular basis. You need to save all receipts from cleaning services. If you ever do have challenges with your carpeting, and you contact the manufacturer in regards to your warranty, theyíll require this information.

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Kevin Thompson is the Nations Mold Solutions Expert. After running his own cleaning and restoration business since 1996, he now helps homeowners nationwide by showing them how to win the war against black mold and reclaim their health. If you'd like instant access to his free in-depth report "What 99% Of Homeowners Don't Know, And Will Never Find Out About Black Mold" just go to

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