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"Ancient Chinese Exercises for the Wrist, Hand and Elbow Free You of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days"

Dear Friend,

Like most people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (or wrist and elbow pain), when you came to this article, your first question was probably, "Does this program work?"

I understand completely. If I were in your shoes, I would be asking the same question.

My name is Matt Furey and as an author of health and fitness related books and videos, I have helped people all across the globe get into fantastic physical condition while simultaneously eliminating carpal tunnel, back, neck, shoulder and knee pain.

Even so, let's assume you don't know me and don't believe anything I have to say about the treatment I have for the pain you are suffering from. You realize that I stand to make a profit from what I have to sell - and it is only natural for you to fear that the product I have will only benefit me. I completely understand. After all, you've probably bought other expensive gadgets or lotions (braces, creams) or have been through expensive procedures (surgery), and they didn't help because you're still in pain. Chances are excellent that, when you came to this website, you were simultaneously hoping to find the solution to your pain while doubting the effectiveness of anyone who stands to make a buck selling their solution.

Yes, I have a solution, and yes, mine does work. But please, don't take my word for it. Read some of the other testimonials listed below and then decide whether or not you should keep listening to what I have to say:

My wife has had bad wrists for some time, especially her right. We can't afford the kind of doctors that are supposed too help with things like that, so our only recourse has been for me to massage her wrists. That provided some relief, sometimes, but never enough that she could be free of pain. Last week, I ordered and received your Carpal Tunnel Fix video. We finally had time to sit down and watch it for the first time Saturday evening. Halfway through the exercises, the pain in her wrists went away, and stayed away all night. It hasn't been back (still doing the exercises regularly, of course). Thanks so much.

Tim Nichols Teaching Assistant, Chafer Theological Seminary
Assistant Pastor, Grace Chapel, Orange, CA

Your carpal tunnel video fixed me in 2 days. Thank you."

Jacob S.
Ft. Pierce, FL

I wanted to thank you for the carpal tunnel course - relief began the first day, only 3 weeks to totally pain free."

Melanie Cameron
Glendale, AZ

"Dear Matt,
We have instituted your exercise program in all our manufacturing hotspot areas. We will begin the program at our second Sarasota facility next week. We have already had very positive feedback from individuals just trying the exercises. At Sun Hydraulics our two biggest workers comp. problems are carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff problems. My goal is to see these surgeries eliminated in 2002. That would saveus between $100,000 - $200,000 a year!"

Greg Glass
Sun Hydraulics
Sarasota, FL

I got your Carpal Tunnel tape when my tennis elbow started flaring up again. I am an OR nurse and the elbow pain can be a hindrance to some of my duties. I did the exercises on the tape (and nothing else) and it cleared up in 2 days. It usually stays with me for a month or longer when I just rest, ice and do anti-inflammatories."

Joey Burks
Offut AFB, NE

"As a physician I can tell you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the more common problems I see. I can also tell you about the large numbers of people who wind up having surgery for the problem. Sadly, many of these folks end uphaving a recurrent problem and need surgery again. This should tell you there is an inherent flaw in this "cure." The main problem is that surgery and standard medical cures fall short because they don't address the real problem ... inflammation caused by repetitive over-use.

"The bottom line is you need to build strength and flexibility in the muscles and tendons in the forearm and hand. Matt Furey's course on How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain within 30 Days shows you quick, simple and effective exercises to achieve this. The exercises in his course are bio-mechanically sound and sure to help you overcome your pain and disability."

Dave Woynarowski, M.D.
Reading, PA

"While a senior in college, I was playing guitar in a rock band, welding, sculpting wood twice a week, typing a thesis, and painting my thesis project .It was at this time that I first felt the numbness and occasional tingles associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The only advice I received from people was to wear a brace, and eventually get surgery. To lessen the damage I was apparently doing to myself, I stopped playing guitar, and I typed as little as possible. I felt that the life I had come to enjoy was over.

"Not wanting to undergo surgery, I started receiving acupuncture treatments for my condition. I did feel better and was able to resume my normal activities for short lengths of time. However, after a year, my hands got worse (to the point of pain) and I could barely sign my name! I went for three more treatments and decided that this was not the path to healing for me.

"I was miserable, depressed, and desperate. My brother knew about my pain, and finding out that nothing worked....he sent me Mr. Furey's program on How to Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain within 30 Days. I have found this method to be the most effective one I have tried thus far! I felt noticeable results within a couple of days, and stuck with the program. I have been able to improve my hands 99% to 100%! I play guitar almost daily now, and only stop typing when I get bored. I'm very thankful that this course is on the market for it put me back on the track to a normal and active life. "

Benjamin Ostiguy
Northampton, MA

"Dear Matt,
Thank you for this excellent program. I am absolutely impressed. This video is a must for anybody wishing to overcome what was once thought to be a chronic pain. My deepest gratitude goes to you for this excellent course because once you get the idea of how those principles work you can apply them to any body part. Nothing I had studied onthe subject comes even close to your video! BRAVO! Best regards and keep up the great work."

Gabriele Ieromonaco, D.C.

"Dear Matt Furey:
Since I got your book on the conditioning exercises I was hooked! I am not an athlete. I am just a normal person. I had never worked out before on a regular basis and never thought I would do it someday. But since I ordered your book my life changed (for the better of course). I don't have any ankle pain anymore because of the squats, and the carpal tunnel syndrome just disappeared and at that particular time I did not have the carpal tunnel program. I bought it later and man how much more it helped me! So I know you are aware of this but your method really works."

Joseph Ryan
San Juan, P.R.

"Dear Matt,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to thank you for curing my wrist and elbow pain. I ordered your video about a month ago at a time of real desperation. I had injured my wrist badly and was already suffering from elbow tendinitis. I am an instructor for Hock Hochheim's Scientific Fighting Congress and am currently residing in the UK. My injury was so painful that I could no longer do any stick work. I had already purchased your Combat Conditioning book, which I consider to be like the lost dead sea scrolls. In desperation after doctors told me to go for the injections, I thought I would try your tape first. Wow, what a result I got. In a week my pain started to dissipate greatly. I noticed if I missed one day doing the exercises, my pain would return to haunt me. This got me quickly in the right mind set and I haven't looked back since. I do the exercises everyday and view them as important as taking a shower. Not only is my pain under control, but my stick work has never been better. I believe that this is the result of my forearms and tendons strengthening as a result of doing this program. Hell, you should promote this package as an incredible forearm course! The annoying thing is that years ago, in my Five Animals days, I was exposed to a couple of these drills. Anyway, your stuff is awesome-thanks again.
Training for success,"

Joe Hubbard
United Kingdom

"Dear Matt,
Thank you for sending me the video "How to Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days." Before doing the exercises I was afraid I would have to completely give up using a computer! In this day and age I didn't know how I would survive the work force or enjoy my personal computer again! It is so nice to have a proactive and easy way to eliminate my pain and strengthen my wrists. I've worn wrist splints which didn't really help, and I didn't want to get expensive surgery which doesn't help either. So instead of waiting for carpal tunnel to get me, these exercises have allowed me to type and my wrists feel better than they have in years.

Jamey McClellan

"I am a full time percussionist and drummer. I developed what I thought was tendonitis in both forearms and sought professional help through a hand specialist. While I was waiting for a future appointment, a guitarist friend with past carpal tunnel problems turned me on to Matt Furey's video, stretches, and that wonderful green rubber donut. I began Matt's routine every day and in the meantime the physical therapist cancelled on me. Two weeks past and by the time I went to the doctor, I had no more pain and he couldn't find any issues with my tendons, forearms or hands. I ended up giving the hand specialist Matt Furey's web address upon his request! I continue the exercises regularly to keep in shape."
Darren Keith Garvey
Urbana, IL

Your Carpal Tunnel exercises are great!! The day before I received them I had some pain still. I was training with a guy in Jiu jitsu. I put him through, for the first time, "Shocking the Body." We threw each other 40 times, using eight different throws. That night and the next day I could not even unlock my office door without using my body weight. As soon as I finished patrol that evening I started doing the exercises. The pain was relieved so much that I was able to do a set of your Hindu Push-ups. I still have pain in my elbow, but it is slowly diminishing. Thanks Again!!!"

Brian Lacy
Milford, UT

carpal tunnel order button

Have You Ever Felt Like There Was Nothing Else You Could Do?

Well, STOP! There IS something you can do.

Yes, there IS a way to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome, not to mention wrist and elbow pain - all of which can be eliminated within 30 days. Yes, there is a simple, fast and immediately effective way that doesn't require medicine or surgery. A way that doesn't require a big financial investment or time commitment.

How do I know?

That's an easy one to answer: I've lived in pain, too. I didn't tell this to you earlier, but I was a national collegiate wrestling champion in 1985. Winning that title was great, but unfortunately, along with it came a rash of injuries to my elbows and wrists that I didn't know how to fix. I suffered through years of agony, unable to do many of the things I loved.

The only thing I didn't have was full blown carpal tunnel - but as a personal trainer in California who trained those who worked in "Silicon Valley" - let me assure you that many of my clients did have carpal tunnel.

What does that have to do with anything? A lot, actually. In 1991, I was fortunate enough to meet a kung fu and tai chi teacher who showed me some ancient Chinese exercises that strengthen the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the lower arm, and do so without weights or machines. I used the exercises he gave me to eliminate my elbow and wrist pain - and to my amazement, the pain was gone within a couple days. I had suffered for years, and then all of a sudden, these exercises that were so simple they could be done anywhere, literally cured me of my agony.

Then I began teaching these exercises to my clients. And guess what happened? Their pain went away, too.

Moreover, because the pain was gone, I could get back to competing, something I had sorely missed. From 1996-1998, I won four national shuai-chiao kungfu titles. The best part is that, in December of 1997, I became the first and only American to win a world kung fu title in China. This could not and would not have happened if my elbows and wrists were racked with the pain I had had for years.

Imagine, 12 years after winning a national collegiate wrestling title, and basically being unable to compete at a high level due to injuries, and I'm standing on the top rung in Beijing, China, receiving a world championship gold medal.

This tells you of the effectiveness of these exercises.

carpal tunnel order button

Again, my course teaches you how you can instantly strengthen the tendons and ligaments of the lower arm with simple but highly effective exercises that DO NOT involve weights or machines. Fact is, you won't even break a sweat doing these exercises. They can even be done while watching television orwhile riding in a car.

She wished she never had the surgery because it didn't help.

Now let me tell you about Gayle, who works at the post office. I see her almost everyday and I used to think I was her worst nightmare.

Let me tell you why: Almost everyday I go to the post office with a large assortment of books, videos, special reports and courses to be mailed. And Gayle and the other attendants have to lift each product, ring it up and stamp it. No big deal, right? Most of the attendants don't mind taking care of my delivery each day. But Gayle? I figured she hated it.

So I never used to talk to her that much because I always had the feeling that she didn't want to deal with all my packages. But one day I found a way to win her friendship.

I noticed Gayle was wearing a brace on her left wrist. I couldn't help but ask her what the trouble was. "Oh, it's my carpal tunnel acting up again," she said.

"What have you been doing for it?" I asked.

"I've been going to a chiropractor lately and she adjusts it for me."

"That doesn't work," I said. Being I wasn't even on good terms with her, I probably shouldn't have spoken so frankly, but I couldn't help myself.

"Oh, really?" she said.

"What you need to do is strengthen the tendons and ligaments of your wrist and elbow," I said. If you do that, you'll be much better off. I can bring you a program I put together three years ago on this."

"I'd like to see it," she said.

"I'll bring it tomorrow. It's going to help a lot. Now, do me a favor," I said.


"Don't go out and get surgery on this, because that doesn't work either."

"That's the truth," she said. "I already had that done."

"You DID?" I said. "Doggone it. Well, at least you know I'm not just standing here blowing smoke. When I used to live in California I helped a lot of my clients overcome their carpal tunnel problem. Including those who had already had surgery. What a crock that surgery is. You still have the problem."

"Is this weight lifting?" Gayle asked.

"No. Not at all. The exercises on the tape are what I've learned while studying kung fu and other martial arts. I used to have chronic elbow pain but then I learned these exercises and within a couple of days the pain was gone. And I'm willing to bet that you'll get similar results."

The next day I brought Gayle my course and told her to use it.

Well, guess what? The Monday morning after she watched the tape, when I was standing in line, Gayle looked at me and motioned with her hand. She had a big smile on her face. "Matt, I watched your tape last night. It works. I can't believe it."

Being Gayle was busy with a customer, she didn't say anything else. The suspense was intense. I had to know what she did. How it worked. What she felt.

Once I got to the front counter, Gayle said, "I can't thank you enough. Last night I couldn't sleep. My wrist was throbbing so bad. I got up and put your tape in and did the exercises. It was like a miracle. My wrist stopped hurting and I feel asleep. I slept better than I have in a long time."

Now, you may be thinking that this was just a fluke. But that's not the case. Take another look at the testimonials on this page and re-read the one listed below to see proof of this fact.

"Your carpal tunnel video fixed me in 2 days. Thank you. "
Jacob S.
Ft. Pierce, FL

You can be next!


How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days is only $47 - which is far, far less than surgery, braces and other methods that leave you feeling helpless and weak, at the mercy of others. And even if insurance covers it" - don't kid yourself. The misery of not being able to do what you love, the lost time, the lost moments of truly enjoying life, pain-free - are definitely worth eliminating. And my course does it for you.

Don't settle for anything less than the feeling of being at your best. Don't let pain get you down any more. Rid your body of it - forever.

Be one of the first 25 people to order How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days and you'll receive five free gifts that will have you feeling like a new person in no time flat.

The Contents:

image How to Know Where Your Problem is Coming From 12.54 min  There are several areas along the nerve pathway between your neck vertebrae and hand where nerves that go down the arm can be pinched. This overview gives insight into locating the cause, as well as how to use this course.

image What You Need to Know About the Hands, Wrist and Forearm - 
Part 1 5:34 min.  
Most people who do almost any kind of work with their hands, including using computers, have tight forearm muscles.  In fact it is almost impossible to have true carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive use without having tight forearms. 

Demonstrates how your forearm muscles move your fingers, how skinny tendons (that connect  forearm muscles to the fingers) run through hollow tubes, called sheathes, that pass through the carpal tunnel in the wrist.

image What You Need to Know About the Hands, Wrist and Forearm - 
Part 2 4:09 min.  
Tells how and why those tendon get irritated and can swell within the carpal tunnel.  More commonly, tight forearm muscles, especially one caused by a muscle called the pronator teres is causing your problem.  (Don't worry, I keep everything easy to understand).

image Self-Help Techniques for the Hand Wrist and Forearm - Part 1 9:09 min This technique that I developed is the most effective I have found for loosening up your forearm muscles, the tendons, carpal tunnel, and hands.  Also works for tennis elbow and other tendonitis in the forearm.

image Self-Help Techniques for the Hand Wrist and Forearm - Part 2 6:11 min. Techniques for loosening up the carpal tunnel ligament.  Plus a physical therapy method for keeping the tendons moving freely through the carpal tunnel. 

image Hand Problems Caused by the Pectoralis Minor -  and Wonderfully Simple Self-Treatment Technique.  6:02 min.  Tight pectoralis minor muscles can cause numbness, tingling etc, in the hand, and sometimes the arm. They are one cause of misdiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. Can cause poor circulation in fingers. They also create rounded shoulders - causing pain between the shoulder blades. They are also a main reason you get numb hands when riding a bicycle or when having your arms raised.

image Scalene Muscles - False Carpal Tunnel and Other Nasty Stuff from the Muscles in Front of the Neck.  14:24 min  While you a lmost never feel pain in the front of the neck - those muscles can cause a lot of problems.  One such muscle, the sternocleidomastoid, can causeany of the following: difficulty turning the neck, jaw pain, cough without phlegm, dizziness, headaches in the forehead, sinus problems that medicine doesn't help.  

Tight Scalene Muscles are a major cause of False Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. That wrist pain, numbness and tingling in your hands from pinched nerves caused by these muscles. They can also sometimes refer pain into the chest and to the shoulder blades.  They can also cause pain and weakness in the shoulder joint by pinching a artery that supplies blood to that area.  Tight scalene muscles are one of the common causes of tension headaches. 

Video also discusses the causes of these muscle problems.  One of the major causes is whiplash - which can make a person's neck miserable for years - even though you almost never feel pain in the front of the neck.  But there are a number of other causes - including the way you breathe.

image Self-Help for the Scalene Muscles and their Mischievous Friends. 13:01 min  How to find the muscles. Areas to avoid. Techniques to loosen up the Scalene andSternocleidomastoid muscles, plus another little muscle that can pinch on the nerve that goes down the arm.

image Hand Problems Caused by Pinched Nerves at the Neck Vertebrae 5:45 min.  How to tell if your hand sensation is caused by nerve pinching at the neck vertebrae. Frankly, you may require a professional adjustment.  But sometimes there are neck problems that are beyond the scope of a Chiropractor - and these are way beyond the scope of this course. However, sometimes loosening up the neck muscles will allow the vertebrae to align themselves, or at the very least will make your neck feel better and can help with tension headaches..

image Things You Can Do For the Back of Your Neck - Part 1 6:57 min. Self massage for your own neck and tips for a non-professional massaging your neck.

image Things You Can Do For the Back of Your Neck - Part 2 12:13min Self massage techniques using socks and tennis balls, not only for your neck, but for your backmuscles as well.  The "Funky Chicken" exercise.  Do it yourself neck traction.   


All the best to you,

P.S. The first 25 people to place an order for How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days will receive five free gifts, including the most recent findings I discovered in my most recent trip to China. Learn how to eliminate back pain, shoulder and knee pain - and get the green donut used by the Chinese to rid themselves of hand, wrist, arthritis and carpal tunnel pain. Order now.

Yes, I want to order the How To Eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Within 30 Days now!

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