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Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Learning about the diagnosis and treatment options available may help you to make decisions about your care. The first step in the learning process begins with talking to your physician. Every woman's breast cancer diagnosis is different. What a physician recommends for one woman may not be right for another. Developing a list of questions to ask is a good first start to addressing concerns and getting information. Here is a list of basic questions on advanced breast cancer to get the conversation started. You can easily print this page, which includes space to write down the answers your doctor gives you.

Is my breast cancer hormone receptor positive?

What stage is my breast cancer? What does this mean?

Why has my breast cancer recurred? Does this mean my treatment will have to change?

What are my chances of responding to treatment?

What are the treatment options for my stage of breast cancer?

Why or why not would these treatments help me?

Hormonal therapy
Biologically targeted therapy
Clinical trial participation

What treatment options, oral or injectable, are available for me as an advanced breast cancer patient?

What treatment do you feel will work best for me? Why are you recommending this treatment?

What are the possible side effects of this treatment? Will it make me feel sick? What kinds of food will help me? Or where can I get advice on meal planning?

Will this treatment allow me to continue to be involved in my normal daily activities? If not, would another treatment be better for me so I can remain active?

Will the treatment affect my family? What do they need to know?

Will the treatment affect my appearance? If so, are there other options that will not change the way that I look?

What if my current therapy does not continue to benefit me? Are there any other options?

What types of hormonal therapies are available to me? Will it be beneficial? Is there any treatment I could be prescribed that does not have to be taken daily?

What are the latest advances in hormonal therapies?

How often will I be able to see my health care professional?

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What studies are currently under way for women with advanced stage breast cancer?

Do you recommend a clinical trial for me? How can it help?

Where can I get further information on advanced breast cancer?

Where can I find additional support?

Please be sure to let your doctor know all the medications (prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal supplements) you currently take. Also, check with your doctor before starting any other medication.

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