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A Doctor's Personal Battle With High Blood Pressure

The World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist

You may have heard me say before that I basically design supplements for myself.

If they work, I try them in family and friends who are willing.

Once there is general consensus that they are up to par and of course safe, I release them into my clinic and get some volunteers to try them. All the while monitoring vital signs and blood test to make sure everything is as it should be.

Over a year ago I was approached by a group of anti-aging doctors to help them design a supplement that lowers blood pressure based on my own personal experience.

I declined mainly because I already had the supplements that supported a healthy blood pressure in the form of fish Oil and Regenerizer. Why reinvent the wheel!?

A few of you were intrigued that your trusty on line anti-aging doc actually had a medical problem, and wanted to here about it.

It is a very personal story, but here goes.

We need to go back a few years for this one...long before I spent all the time and money it took to train in anti-aging medicine.

It was one of those bitter cold days in Pennsylvania. Windy cloudy and sunless.

Those of you who've spent any time in these parts know exactly what I mean.

It could have been any other bitter Winter's day except that we happened to be in the middle of yet another Flu epidemic. You see the vaccines are often off and not particularly effective. This year was not the first time.

While listening to a patient tell me about his flu symptoms I began to experience the very same things he was telling me about. Headaches, light headedness, body aches and overwhelming fatigue.

At first I thought I was going nuts. I thought about the psychiatric phenomenon of "transference" where you pick up someone else's symptoms ( there are other meanings for this I know!).

But it was undeniable, I basically felt like hell, barf, excrement and any other adjective you want to put in there... I felt like it!!

Apparently I looked like it too because the patient I was seeing asked me," Doc are you all right?" While lying through my teeth and saying I was, I asked if he minded if I put my head down on the desk, to avoid passing out!

As soon as I ethically could. I finished up with that person and went to have my Blood Pressure checked. I assumed since I could barely walk upright without feeling light headed and like I was going to pass out, that my Blood pressure must be very low.

Well, imagine how shocked I was when I found it to be 210/110!

Again that is stroke territory so I wasted no time starting myself on blood pressure medicines. It was time for the doctor to practice what he preached and to experience the very same issues he had been making his patients go through for over 15 years.

It was very strange to have high blood pressure. My family history was positive for this but not until the 70's. The only person I knew of in my family who had High Blood Pressure before me was my grandfather who had a stroke at age 52 from a sudden bout of hypertension ( high blood pressure).

While he did survive, and live to be 90, half his body was paralyzed for over a image I'll never forget!

In addition to remembering my grand pop's stroke, I also had this strange feeling of vulnerability. I now had a "disease". I was no longer a young man.

My reaction to that was one of disgust and sadness...had I lost my youth so soon?!

Why had my body betrayed me. Like most people I drudged up every transgression I had ever committed against my body. Years of sleeplessness, caffeine, lack of exercise although by that time I was exercising a lot! All this stuff ran through my mind.

Worse the 2 blood pressure meds I had started did not control my blood pressure well at all. It was now 180/100.

So up I went to 3 meds then 4 meds, then a water pill which dropped my potassium so low I could barely function. Next came the giant potassium supplements big enough to choke a donkey.

All the while I was providing the lab with urine blood and other bits and pieces of my body to "rule out a reversible cause"

I had renal ultrasounds and scans and CT scans and aortic ultrasounds and cardiac workups out the kazoo. Can you guess what they found?


I simply had "essential" or idiopathic hypertension.

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Essential and Idiopathic what great words. I never could figure out what was so essential about high blood pressure.

The word idiopathic loosely translated means " without cause". In my mind it means we doctors are idiots!

I had to include myself in this realm when I found out that one of the beloved prescription drugs I had taken for terrible shin splints from running long distances caused high blood pressure in some people. That drug was Vioxx which has since come under fire for causing increases in heart attacks as well as renal failure to name a few

It was a new drug in those days and not much publicity had been given to these facts. Surprise Surprise.

Unfortunately even stopping the Vioxx didn't completely resolve my problem. I still had high blood pressure and was still on several medicines.

It was out of desperation that I began to research alternative therapies.

I felt so terrible from the drugs and their side effects that I knew I couldn't' go on like that. Maybe I would have to live as long as I could with a blood pressure in the 160's

Truth be told I was pretty pissed off!

I had run Marathons and was in great aerobic shape. I could lift 50% more than my body weight in the bench press and almost my body weight overhead. Most times I ate well.

I took no vitamins and supplements at all. I was a total skeptic. I thought they were total rip offs and B. S.

I thought any doctor or anyone for that matter who used them was a charlatan or at least someone who liked to waste money!

In short I was the biggest critic and skeptic you could be. this is why I repeatedly tout the benefits of my products to you. I know how disbelieving a person can be about all this. I just literally had run out of options and had nothing to lose!!

Well I started to research supplements and natural therapies. Fish Oil was not the first one I came across believe it or not.

The first thing I did was to increase my magnesium intake and to take as many of those dreaded horse pill potassium as was needed to get my numbers well into the normal range.

That helped a tiny little bit.

Then I tried Hawthorne and Fokshili. These 2 brought me down into the normal range with all the meds still onboard. A least I was making progress.

Then I started to add in Fish Oil. First 2 capsules then 4 and so on. Amazingly I had a very significant drop in my blood pressure and was able to stop the water pill and the potassium.

Then I added CoQ and Carnitene I big doses and this brought me down to where I could stop all of the meds within about 2 months.

Notice this did not happen overnight. It took about 5 months until I got off of all drugs. Needless to say I felt 1000% better on just the supplements.

Currently I no longer need the Hawthorne or fokshili or the olive leaf extract I was also using to keep my blood pressure down. Fish Oil and Regenerizer do the job for me just fine.

This morning I had several nurses in the office demonstrating a special home blood pressure monitoring system. My pressure was 104/64.

I would also like to thank Matt Furey World champion Wrestler and author of Combat Conditioning for teaching me his special meditation exercises during one of my visits to train with him.

They were definitely a huge help in calming my mind and thus calming my blood pressure.

I know we are not supposed to use the word "cure" with high blood pressure. It was pounded into my brain in medical school that it was treatable but not curable.

Well to any of the prof's out there that taught me that, and to any of the authors of the Medical Textbooks that continue to write about it, I AM CURED!!!!

At that point I was a "Convert" to alternative and complementary medicine.

Because of my research I decided to pursue anti-aging medicine as a career, and well, the rest as they say is history.

I cannot promise you that you will have the same results as I did. I am convinced that I was suffering from a "Fish Oil deficiency" e.g. low Omega 3 fatty acids.

I can tell you that fish Oil is recognized by many different medical authorities as an effective way to lower your blood pressure.

If you are like me you might be able to get off prescription drugs completely.

If not at the very least you may be able to lessen your dependence on them.

Copyright 2004


Editor's Note:

The FDA has not evaluated all of these statements. This email is for educational purposes only. Always consult your own personal doctor for medical advice and follow it even it contradicts what is said in this article.

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