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What's Baseball Got To Do With Black Mold?

By: Kevin Thompson
The Nations Black Mold Solutions Expert

Plenty, I assure you!

Let me explain.

Since my girlfriend's oldest son Adam is an avid ball player, and plays in two different leagues, we have a hectic lifestyle during baseball season.

He plays on the high school team, as well as the AA league, and we barely miss a game!

One of the things I've really noticed is the difference between the two leagues.

Although 95% of the guys play in both leagues, there's a huge difference in the results they get.

The high school team is notorious for loosing most of their games. And quite honestly, if it wasn't for Adam being on the team, I probably wouldn't even go to the games.

Last season they lost all their games but one, and it was really painful to watch.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm always glad to see the high school season come to an end so we can start the AA season.

And here's why...

Like I shared a minute ago, almost every guy on the high school team plays in the AA league too - yet it's a completely different experience.

I'll describe a scenario so you'll know what I'm talking about.

It was the last inning of the game and we were behind 4-2. During the course of the inning we got runners on 2nd and 3rd.

There was already two outs when big John Borland came up to bat.

John quickly found himself in a do or die situation with 3 balls and 2 strikes.

Everyone in the grandstand, including myself, was on the edge of our seat as the final pitch was thrown.

It sounded like a crack of thunder when John's bat connected with the ball and sent it deep into center field.

We all stood to our feet to get a better view.

Would it be a home run?

Would we win the game?

The ball fell right inside the fence and was caught by the center fielder, but talk about an exciting finish.

And while we may have lost that game, let me assure you, that's not the norm. We'll end up winning most of our games in the AA season.

On the way home we got to talking about the difference between the two leagues. I commented that almost every player on the AA team had also played on the high school team.

"I know, it's been like that for the last three years", Adam said.

"So why do you think the AA team does so much better than the high school team?" I inquired.

Although I already knew the answer, I was curious to hear Adam's point of view.

He began to share some very profound thoughts for a 17-year old.

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"Well, coach Kline (the high school coach) is pretty much a jerk and doesn't really care about the game. I'm sure the school district gives him extra money, on top of his teacher's salary, to coach the team, and that's why he does it.

I don't think he even likes baseball, or coaching. It seems like it's just a job to him, and that's all it'll ever be.

Look how angry he gets all the time. It wouldn't surprise me if he hates baseball.

I don't think anyone on the team even respects him."

Now I have to say, over the course of the season, I'd come to feel the same way as Adam. So had most of the other parents.

Since Adam was sharing so much wisdom with me, I wanted to keep the conversation going, so I continued, "What makes coach Behey (the AA coach) so much different than coach Kline?"

Adam's response amazed me. "Coach Behey doesn't get paid a penny. He coaches us because he truly loves the game.

He's earned our respect and we all work hard to make him proud. That's why we do so well.

He's just like you Kevin. He really likes what he does, and it shows."

That's when the big lesson really hit me, and I had to share it!

"You see Adam, the cleaning and restoration industry, as with any other industry, has its share of bad apples.

There's plenty of business owners out there who simply don't have a passion for what they do. To put it bluntly - they just don't give a rip.

Their only purpose is to make a buck, and nothing else matters. They certainly don't care about their clients.

Kinda reminds me of coach Kline.

What a terrible way to go through life."

This conversation was really starting to hit home and it reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago that changed my life forever.

I decided to share it.

"I remember back in October of 1999. I'd been in business for about three years and was really struggling to make ends meet. I'd even thought about closing my business and going back to work for someone else.

A good friend of mine invited me to an industry seminar in Phoenix. And while felt I couldn't afford to go, he insisted on it.

Thank God for credit cards, cause if it weren't for plastic, I would've never made the trip.

As it turned out, Brian Tracy was the keynote speaker for the seminar and during his evening presentation he made a comment that changed my life forever.

Here's what he said...

"When you help enough other people get what they want, you'll get what you want."

That statement hit me like a ton of bricks, and it's guided my actions ever since.

And just like coach Behey, I consider myself fortunate because I get to spend my life doing what I truly enjoy, which is helping you."


Kevin Thompson is the Nations Mold Solutions Expert. After running his own cleaning and restoration business since 1996, he now helps homeowners nationwide by showing them how to win the war against black mold and reclaim their health. If you'd like instant access to his free in-depth report "What 99% Of Homeowners Don't Know, And Will Never Find Out About Black Mold" just go to

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