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What's The Best Part Of A Fish? - Renegade Medical Doctor Discovers 'The Best Part of Fish' After Going On Worldwide Anti-Aging Spree!

By: Matt Furey
Best Selling Author of "Combat Conditioning"

A few years ago Dave Woynarowski, M.D. - whom I refer to with the totally original nickname of "Doc" - came down to train with me for a few days. He wanted to focus on the exercises in Combat Conditioning as well as the holds in the Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling Video Course.

Upon his arrival "Doc" told me that his father (also an M.D.) had passed away a couple weeks earlier, and as a result he'd acquired high-blood pressure and was on medication. I told him not to worry, that after a couple days with me he may not need that medication any longer.

How's that for a brazen, cocky thing to say to an M.D.? Let me tell you, when I talk that way around my sister, also an M.D., she flips out. How dare I talk as if I know better than a doctor?

Well, to "Doc's" credit he did everything I told him to do, including deep breathing exercises (chi kung), all of which I learned from the "School of Hard Knocks."

Guess what happened?

Three days later, when "Doc" was ready to head back home, he told me that he'd already cut his medication in half a day earlier and felt he could cut it in half again. A month later, "Doc" was totally off the medication.

The good news about this story is that "Doc" didn't stop where he left off with me. He got so excited with the non-medical school information I taught him that he went on a world-wide education spree, meeting up with the most renowned medical doctors on the subject of life-extension, aging, staying young, and so on. These medical doctors, by the way, didn't get their knowledge in the university either, but it is all scientifically tested and proven.

Over time "Doc" started teaching me what he learned and I got excited as hell. Today he is one of the nation's leading authorities on anti-aging medicine -and he has also become a sort of "doctor's doctor" in his home state of Pennsylvania. Many of his colleagues, some who previously pooh-poohed his ideas, now come to him wanting to learn what he knows.

I told "Doc" he needed to come out with a course on the subject of "Growing Younger." He told me that he's doing so - but, even better, he has also come out with his own line of supplements that he has empirical data that proves their effectiveness.

One of the most amazing items he brought to my attention is his special blend of Norwegian fish oil. In May of 2003 "Doc" brought me a sample of it, as well as some other nutrients. I took some right away - figuring in the battle against the clock, there's no time to lose.

After one week on using "Doc's" Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, I noted some major changes. Digestion was better. Energy was up. Joints felt better all over. Greater mental clarity and focus. Increased strength and stamina. And so on.

So I got on the horn with "Doc" and asked him more questions. Before our conversation ended I ordered several more bottles of his Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, so I could put my son Frank on it, as well as my wife and her parents - and my parents.

Why did I do such a thing?

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Well, read the benefits of this ultra-pure Norwegian Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil that "Doc" sent me (along with an explanation) and you'll know why:

1) It decreases the rate of heart attack and stroke.
2) In the same study the fish oil group had a 70% reduction in all cause mortality. This means that not just heart disease and stroke, but cancer, lung disease rheumatic disease, etc . This prompted many other studies which found ...
3) Benefits for lung, prostate and stomach cancer as well as tumor inhibition in many other cancer cell lines including breast cancer.
4) Preservation of testosterone levels.
5) Improvements in both rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis.
6) Improvements in Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Depression, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder as well as many other mental illnesses. This is probably why the Eskimos can stand to live in such a harsh climate.
7) Improvements in PMS and menopausal symptoms.
8) Increased intellect in children and of course improvements in memory and other skills in healthy adults.
9) Improved circulation which makes it a must for sexual enhancement and athletic performance.
10) Decreased and faster recovery time for athletes after competition and hard training.
11) Improvements in cystic fibrosis and other lung disorders.
12) Improvements in asthma excema and other inflammatory and autoimmune skin disorders.
13) Significant blood pressure lowering effects.
14) Improvements in liver function.
15) Improvements in colon cancer outcomes.
16) Improved vascular health in diabetics and other people with vascular insufficiency.

In addition to the 16 benefits listed above, Doc wrote the following to me:

"Keep in mind that some of these studies were done on VERY SICK people where other medications had either failed or were not enough. There was a study done adding supplemental fish oils to hyperalimentation (Super concentrated nutrition) in critically ill patients that showed improved outcomes in the fish oil group. I think your decision to add this to Frank's diet is very wise considering the improved IQ s in these kids.

"Prior to the advent of the high purity pharmacologic grade fish oils, one had to worry about burping, belching and a generalized fishy odor. More worrisome was the high mercury and lead contents of the typical store bought brands. I can't name names but if you can buy it off the shelf it ain't pharmacologic grade. There are VERY few suppliers of this high quality oil. As you know I stake my reputation on every thing I become involved with. I have no worries with this product. It is truly one of my TOP 10 anti-aging supplements."

Don't know about you, but I hate eating fish. But the positive effects of this high-quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil are astounding. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend them to young and "not so young" for endurance, strength and joint health. And besides, who really wants to grow old. Man, I like the idea of fighting that concept all the way - and Doc's Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is my weapon of choice.


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