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Take Control Of Your Arthritis
The Five Most Important Answers You Must Have To Control Your Arthritis

Want to Bring Back Your Agility, Energy & Be Vibrant Again?

There are at least five answers that every person who suffers the agony of arthritis must have to stop being in pain and taking drugs that are killing you.

Stop being a victim of the myths of arthritis. Get the facts that will let you walk, run, play, and enjoy your life. Start smiling again.

1 in 3 American’s has one of over 100 types of arthritis. This does not have to include you. Do not buy into the myth that you have to take drugs and “Go Home & Live With It”. Learn to live without arthritis. I was pain free in weeks.

1. Take control to become pain free. Add years of longevity and health. Get the information you need to stop your medications, with your doctor’s approval and add years to your life by rebuilding your immune system.

2. Control of your destiny. By age 40 we are falling apart due to our bad decisions we have made in our life style. By realizing that you have control of how you feel and of the diseases you have. Learn how you are the one in charge and live pain free and healthy.

3. Avoid being bedridden and helpless. Avoid having someone do things for you because you cannot move or bend or walk or use your hands. Play golf again…or the piano…or knit…or hike…whatever it is that you have done in the past and cannot do now.

4. Control signs of aging. Look younger. Stop shuffling when you walk, if you can still walk. Dance again. Put your energies and time and money into things that really matter to your well being. Not in doctor’s bills, drugs and hospital stays. Stop being passive. Take charge of your own person. Get the facts.

5. What foods to eat and what foods not to eat. Why certain foods make one person hurt and not another. How to find out which foods are bad for you. Which foods promote making your immune system work the way God intended it to work. And why degenerative diseases can be reversed.

Is This All There Is? Not even the tip of the iceberg. These are just a few of the life changing tactics covered by Margie Garrison in her book, : Available at:
“I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too"


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