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How to Create Home Made Juice For a Cleanse


Juice is great for cleansing the body, but store-bought juice just doesn’t cut it. Most juices, even if they are organic, are usually stored in warehouses for months or even years before they see a store shelf. Not only that, but sitting in the light on a shelf—especially if the juice is stored in transparent packaging—can kill off the vitamins and nutrients. Price is also something to complain about, because store-bought juice is usually quite expensive.

So, what can you do? Make your own juice, of course. Homemade juice is much better for a physical cleansing. You don’t have to worry about the manufacturing processes that go on when making juice, and you can customize the juice to your taste and preferences. While there are some great juicers out there that can limit the amount of work needed, this article will proceed as if you don’t have a juicer.

Picking Produce

While not a rule of thumb, it is usually best to make juice with similarly colored produce. For example, making a yellow juice from yellow fruits and vegetables like bananas, golden delicious apples and yellow squash. You should also try to add as many different fruits and vegetables as possible to get the most nutrients from your drink.

Most cleansing diets suggest you have three homemade juice drinks a day. There are five main colors to choose from with your produce: red, green, yellow, orange and purple. Make a schedule where you drink each color within the next two days. That means you will have to drink one color twice between the two days.

When picking produce, make sure you only pick fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Growing your own is best, but most people don’t have the time for this. Organic produce does not use pesticides or other chemicals that can affect your cleansing. Conventional produce can be used, but it is not nearly as effective.

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Now that you know what produce to choose, you need to have the right equipment to make juice. You will need a strainer, colander, bowl, jar grabber, jars, funnel and a food processor or potato masher. Much like a juicer, a food processor is convenient, but not required. If you have one, use it in place of the potato masher.

Juicing the Produce

For soft fruits and vegetables, like grapes, you can easily extract the juice without any heating. Place the produce in a colander and use the potato masher to split open the produce. This will release the juice. Make sure there is a large bowl under the colander, otherwise the juice will just get all over the counter.

For harder produce, like apples, you will need to heat them first before they really let their juice come out. The best way is usually to boil them in several inches of water until the produce is soft. The timing is different for each fruit and vegetable, but this will normally just take a few minutes. When the harder produce is done boiling, smash it up to really get the juice out.

Filtering and Bottling

Filtering the juice is not required, but usually the extracted juice is very thick and hard to drink. Place the extracted juice and pulp in a wire strainer and let it sit until everything has filtered out. Depending on how dense the mixture is, this can take a few minutes or hours.

Once it is done filter, place a funnel on the top of your jar. This will help you get the juice into the bottle without spilling it. Just pour in the juice until the bottle is full and then leave it aside.

Boiling the Jar

Unless you are drinking all the juice today, you will need to boil the juice filled jars to make sure the juice doesn’t go bad. This does reduce the nutrients somewhat, but it lets the juice live longer.

Place the jars in a pot, fill it with water and let the jars boil for about five minutes. After that, remove them with the jar lifter and let the jars cool before refrigerating them.


Making your own homemade juice is fairly easy and should only take about an hour or less to complete. This is perfect for cleansing your system, and you have the joy of knowing that you can make your own juice without having to go out to the store.




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